New Avengers (Vol. 1) #60

 Posted: Feb 2010
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


Last issue Luke Cage was rescued from H.A.M.M.E.R. by his friends. As always Norman Osborn is one step ahead and has planted an electronic device on Luke’s heart.

Story Details

Luke is recovering with his friends and The New Avengers, when Doctor Strange tells him they are not done. Norman Osborn is a very manipulative man and he wants to make sure the surgery was genuine. He discovers the device planted on Luke’s heart and tells him he has to call someone. The Dark Avengers are heading back from Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. when Osborn receives a call from The Hood. He tells The Hood about the deal he made with Jonas Harrow but the deal he made with The Hood is still in place. The Hood asks what they should do about Harrow? Back Luke Cage, The Wasp A.K.A. Hank Pym has arrived. He tells them he can shrink down along with Doctor Strange and removed the device. The new Avengers have returned from Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. and are ready to get out of there. Doctor Strange tells them they have to do one more thing before they can leave. Doctor Strange and The Wasp shrink down and are inhaled by Luke. Spidey notes that Luke has two men inside of him. Luke tells him not to say that again! Inside Luke, Doctor Strange and The Wasp find the device, Daredevil tells everyone that the signal is was emitting has changed. While approaching The Avengers Tower, Osborn is told they have a signal and location on Luke Cage. Ms. Hand tells him they are on long island. Osborn tells his team to follow him.

Back inside Luke Cage (!), Doctor Strange casts a containment spell while The Wasp shrinks the device down. Outside Daredevil tells everyone that the signal is now getting faster. Spider-Man tells him it’s counting down, it must be a bomb. Outside Osborn tells Harrow to stop the signal, Harrow tells him it doesn’t switch off. The bomb explodes and destroys the mansion where everyone was hiding. It was Norman’s home. In The Avengers hideout everyone is happy it’s all over with, Luke tries to thank everyone but they tell him he doesn’t need to.

Later on the H.A.M.M.E.R. helicarrier The Hoods old crew are discussing their options. The Hood walks in and kills Jonas Harrow and tells them, they used to work for him but now they work for Osborn which is very different, they are now part of the Initiative. Osborn tells them he wants them to do one thing for him. He wants them to kill The New Avengers but save Spider-Man for him.

General Comments

After this arc we’re back to the team being on the run, The Hood has his crew back and Osborn once again is after our heroes. It seems that New Avengers as a comic book is in a holding pattern until the Siege event. However I did enjoy Osborn getting pwned and Spidey’s joke at Lukes situation.

Overall Rating

3 webs - despite some fun moments the overal story didn't go anywhere. The New Avengers are in hiding and Osborns still crazy and in charge.

 Posted: Feb 2010
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)