New Avengers (Vol. 1) #50

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


With Norman Osborn now in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. he has not created his own team of Avengers. Furious at this Ronin, (the original Hawkeye) has decided The New Avengers need to confront Normans' team.

Story Details

While reviewing the tape of the press conference where Norman Osborn's Avengers were announced, The New Avengers are trying to work out who each person is. They work out that "The Avengers" are actually The Thunderbolts. "Spider-Man" is Venom, "Hawkeye" is Bullseye, and Ms. Marvel is Moonstone. They also ask about "Wolverine" when the real Wolverine tells them it's his son. After a brief discussion they decide they cannot arrest these other Avengers but they can expose them for what they are. Spider-Man notes they are out powered when Ms. Marvel tells the team they can use a power inhibitor Tony Stark invented and while they're defenceless they can defeat them. Now they only need someone to lure them to a neutral place, Spider-Woman says she may be able to help. At Avengers Tower, The Dark Avengers are discussing various things when Venom spots Spider-Woman outside, he grabs her and Norman asks her what she wants. Spider-Woman tells him she wants a job as the other Avengers do not trust her as she was the face of the Skrull invasion. After fighting with some of the Dark Avengers, Spider-Woman is caught by The Sentry, Norman tells her she does not have anything to offer him. Spider-Woman then tells him she knows where The New Avengers are and she will lead him to them.

Later The New Avengers are waiting in The Hellfire club. Wolverine says they could have lived there if Captain America hadn't have offered them a place. Ms. Marvel gives them all a pill so they are not affected by the power inhibitor. Spider-Woman arrives and tells them to get ready. Wolverine says something is wrong, suddenly the power inhibitor explodes. The Hood and his entire crew burst into the room. Across town The Dark Avengers are watching the attack. Norman tells them they have other business and for them to get into the Quinjet. Ares hesitates before leaving. Back at the battle each of the team are doing what they can against The Hoods crew. Ms. Marvel tells Spider-Woman to blast her with her venom sting so she can overload everyone. Once she does this she tells everyone to retreat. Back at Cap's place Ronin works out that Osborn and The Hood are in cahoots and decides to do something.

Clint appears on the news and tells everyone that he used to be an Avenger and Norman Osborn is a criminal. He outs the other Avengers as criminals, and says his team the real Avengers and that tonight they were attacked by The Hood and The Hood is working with Osborn. He tells everyone they don't have to take this and not to let the bad guys win because he'll be fighting alongside them.

General Comments

Ok this wasn't the battle royale I was expecting but it still delivered, I guess Marvel are saving this for an issue of Dark avengers somewhere down the line. I also like Clint taking the story public so everyone can see what Osborn is.

Overall Rating

What I really enjoyed about this issue where the battle pages that concentrated on each character, drawn by a guest artist, some continuity issues aside this came off really well, still I was looking forward to a Dark/New Avengers face off so that was a minor disappointment

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)