Mary Jane: Homecoming #3

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Paul Sebert (E-Mail)


Last time, MJ and Flash Thompson finally confronted Liz and Harry about their respective issues. MJ talks to Liz about her suspicions of Harry's cheating after a trip to the mall. Meanwhile on a guy's night out Flash manages to convince Harry to try harder to get his grades up. However Flash's emotional plea had Osborn half-way wondering if our heroine would be better off with the big lug.

In the end both couples are reunited, and everything is back on plan for the dance. Or is it?

Story 'The Regret Thing'

We fade in to see Mary Jane picking up her dress at the Fashion Botique she started working at in Mary Jane #2 []. Her boss informs MJ that the girl she had replaced was returning from maternity leave but she is welcome to stay around. MJ plans to talk to her mom about keeping the job, but for now it's time to focus on the big dance. Alas no sooner does Mary Jane step outside of the store than she is suddenly caught up in a burst of speedlines and feathers.

Spider-Man is battling the Vulture yet again and is hanging onto him by a thread. It seems Adrian Toomes latest crime is stealing some necklaces. Spidey barely has time to wisper " Hi Mary Jane, nice dress" before the dastardly villain comes crashing through a skylight, dragging poor Spidey with him.

Later back at home MJ is talking to Harry on the phone about the big game. Her mind a little distracted by what she saw earlier, so suddenly the dance doesn't seem quite as exciting. She promises Osborn to meet him at the game. Liz Allen who is visiting is very excited, as she anxiously sketches a picture of her and Flash as homecoming King & Queen respectively. MJ explains that she's beginning to wonder if some of the random occurrences around her are really so random. Case in point a guy she used to like but hadn't really gotten the chance to meet bumped into her today, and knew her name even though she never even told him it. Said guy of course was Spider-Man.

MJ is wondering if all of her encounters with Spider-Man are really random, but well Liz won't have anything of it. She is set on seeing Flash win the game tonight, and having the both of them named Homecoming King and Queen, and making sure that MJ and Harry are going to be the perfect couple.

Later that evening at the football field, Mary Jane is still trying to talk to Liz about her meetings with Spider-Man, but Allen still won't have a bit of it. MJ then meets up with Harry and the two sit side by side for the game with her not mentioning her earlier encounter with Spidey.

Late in the game, with the visiting team up by 2 points and the clock ticking Flash Thompson calls a desperate play to get the team in field goal range. "Don't go for the glory. Go for the win." he advises his team.

"'cause if we don't win on Homecoming my girlfiend's going mutter me." He mutters under his breath. Thompson goes back for a pass, but is instead forced to run. Making a mad dash, he manages to successfully get the ball into field- goal range with 2 seconds to go. "I may get to live, cool." A last second field goal kick goes right between the goal posts, and seems to hang in the air for an eternity. Then it turns out that the ball is stuck in a giant spider-web, which Spidey has spun as a desperation move to capture the Vulture. Spider-Man lays a pounding on the Vulture, astounded that the old man had enough enough stamina to drag him around town for three hours strait slamming him into billboards and water towers.

The fans and both football teams look puzzled as Spidey webs up the old man, as the game has ended in what may well be the most perplexing finale to a football game since the Stanford marching band hit the field too soon. Realizing the awkward situation, Peter tosses the ball back to Flash so hard it knocks him out of his boots. "The kick still counts right?" a Flash asks.

Apparently it *does* count as Liz only complains "you know, that super-spaz of yours almost ruined the game." MJ contends that it was fun to see Spider-Man show up, but sitting but being with Harry just felt right.

"Hey boys... you just hit the jackpot." MJ says, as the group leaves on a romantic evening of dinner, a chauffeured limo ride, and of course dancing. This all done in silent "'nuff said" style with no dialog. Flash has a brief conversation with MJ wondering how things might have turned out if he didn't run the football, asking if she ever wondered how her life might have turned out differently. Just as Flash is about to mention that he found out about the crush MJ used to have, the Homecoming King is announced and it's... Flash Thompson. The dance's host then reads off who has been voted Homecoming Queen, as Liz Allen enthusiastically waits for her moment in the sun. And wouldn't you just know it it... It's Mary Jane Watson who's been chosen for the title. She looks more shocked than happy tough.

General Comments

Sean Mckeever's well planned soap opera of intertwining characters comes to a head here, but this issue is really Takashi Miyazawa's chance to shine. The art in this issue is beautiful and the 2 silent sequences, first the football play, and then the evening leading up to the dance really steal the book. They're wonderfully drawn and beautifully laid out. Once again I can not over- emphasize how nice a diversion this is from the glut of hyper-serious superhero books on the market.

Overall Rating


Just how will Liz Allen respond to this latest twist? Will the gang stick together. It all comes to a head in our final issue.

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Paul Sebert (E-Mail)