Marvel Zombies #5

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


Last issue the zombies tried to fight Galactus with their new cosmic powers, gained from eating the Silver Surfer. Their powers didn't effect the big G, so they decided to created a super weapon to take him down. While Galactus is fighting the zombie villains, our heroes completed the weapon and fired it.

Galactus was wounded!

Story Details

This issue starts with the heroes firing their new weapon at Galactus for a second time, which knocks Galactus out. Once Galactus is down the zombies villains want a piece including Venom who still likes brains! Our heroes tell them it was their kill, and their feast and for the villains to stand aside. Naturally the villains refuse to back down and a big fight breaks out.

Spidey takes out Venom with his new powers, Wolverine takes down the Juggernaut, Cap takes on the Red Skull who fights dirty by pulling out some of Cap's exposed brains, killing him, Spidey then zaps the Skulls head off. Giant-Man tells them to end this. Once the villains are all dead, (well dead again) Hulk says he ate Rhino's head and it wasnt nice. Then Galactus starts to get up saying they cannot hurt him as they are insects to him. The zombies charge at Galactus ripping him into pieces.

5 years later - The Acolytes and the Black Panther land on earth to see what's left. There are no zombies left. Wasp's head, now in an exo suit, advises them the planet is deserted. The group asks if the zombies left where did they go?

Later on another world aliens are discussing the arrival of a their worst fears - the Galactus comes and they have no time left. Only its not Galactus, it is Giant-Man, Spiderman, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Iron Man and the Hulk in Galactus costumes.

General Comments

Ok first of all this issue was good the zombies had a fight with their classic villains but with a cosmic twist, plus they got to eat Galactus too. I like the ending too. They became the Galacti travelling from world to world feeding on flesh, rather than on planet energy - nice twist on things.

As for the whole story it was great allot of fun with some cool moments. One of the best, if not THE best limited series of the year - awesome stuff from Kirkman and Philips. The covers have received more attention than anything else and rightfully so, Suydams covers are genuinely creepy and gory too.

Now for my criticisms of the book. First of all, I did think the whole Panther plot didnt add anything. The Acolytes didn't do anything either so there was no need for them, they were just taking up space.

My last question is what happened to the zombiefied Sentry that started all this back in UFF? As one of the most powerful zombies he should have been still around. Anyway they are small gripes on a great story.

Overall Rating

Ill give this issue 4 webs but the whole book 4.5 webs.

Great stuff cant wait for the sequel and/or Marvel Apes!

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)