Marvel Tales #248 (Story 2)


The adventures of Peter Parker LONG before he became Spider-Man, an original strip that presents the adventures of a young Peter Parker. Similar along the lines of the recent Franklin Richards strips.

Story 'Comical Reaction'

  Marvel Tales #248 (Story 2)
Summary: Original 'Petey' Story
Editor: Jim Salicrup
Writer: Fred Hembeck
Artist: Fred Hembeck

Petey Parker’s class goes to State University on a field trip. Petey is asked to help out in an experiment with the professor’s assistant, until Flash decides to trick Petey. Using Liz as a distraction, Flash switches the chemicals causing them to explode when Petey and the assistant mix them. Despite blowing in the assistant’s face, he’s left unharmed and thus voids his promises of vengeful wrath on the world. The professor declares how much easier it is to work with Reed Richards than Victor Von Doom.

General Comments

This was a cute little strip that could’ve found some new life during Marvel’s push for all-ages material during the early 2000s. Having a cameo by pre-Dr. Doom was a clever touch.

Overall Rating

A cute and fun story with some clever beats. Possibly Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius before Franklin Richards?