Marvel Tales #224 (Story 2)


Spider-Ham in "The Pig from Peter Porker's Past!"

Story 'The Pig from Porker's Past'

  Marvel Tales #224 (Story 2)
Summary: Original Spider-Ham Story
Editor: Jim Salicrup
Writer: Fred Hembeck
Pencils: Fred Hembeck
Inker: Jose R. Albelo

Peter Porker takes Mary Jane to Le Swank. There, the entertainment, Silver Sow, reveals herself to be a former classmate of Peter’s. As Sylvia Sowmeister, she wooed Peter into letting her copy his homework until her family moved. Mary Jane’s lecturing about that little situation is interrupted when Silver is taken hostage by criminals stealing the payroll.

General Comments

Another cute and silly story from the Spider-Ham world.

Overall Rating

Fun and cute, as are all Spider-Ham tails.