Marvel Tales #218 (Story 2)


Spider-Ham in "Mayham for Aunt May" (or..."Hey, Sailor...Want a Date?")

Story 'Mayham for Aunt May'

  Marvel Tales #218 (Story 2)
Summary: Original Spider-Ham Story
Editor: Jim Salicrup
Writer: Michael Eury
Pencils: Alan Kupperberg
Inker: Joe Albelo

Spider-Ham arrives at Aunt May’s for lunch and to meet her boyfriend, but finds the place trashed. Following a trail of cookies to the river, he meets Seegar the sailor; May’s boyfriend. They discover she was kidnapped and chase after them on a boat made of webs. Eating some cabbage for extra strength, Seegar helps Spidey deliver a blow that sends the kidnapper to the far north. That night, Aunt May makes a special batch of cabbage cookies for Seegar, much to Peter’s disgust.

General Comments

Another cute and silly story from the Spider-Ham world.

Overall Rating

The characters and scenario in the story parody that of a typical Popeye cartoon short.