Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #3

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Welcome to the brand new Classic Marvel Figurine collection. I'm not sure what is the exact difference between a figurine and a figure. Maybe figurines are smaller? Anyhow, if you sign up for this glossy periodical, then twice a month you'll get a spiffy new lead-cast hand-painted Marvel figure turn up in the mail, or at your local newsagent.

Only available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Story Details

  Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #3
Summary: "Doctor Octopus" Figurine (Spider-Man Appears in Magazine)
Publisher: Eaglemoss
Editor: Alan Sowsill

I skipped Wolverine in issue #2 just because the sheer price and number of these magazines was too much to consider buying them all. But I couldn't resist Doctor Octopus in #3. Contrary however to the the title of this magazine "The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection", the figure and cover image is of Spider-Man 2 Movie Doc Ock, not the classic Octavius.

No big deal, the figurine is hefty die-cast as promised. The modeling is pretty good, and the paint work adequate. The color scheme isn't that demanding on this figure, so it's hard to truly judge the quality of the "hand painted" finish.

Inside the magazine there's a ton of information on Doc Ock, and it's remarkably true to the comic books. No shallow drivel here, there's summaries of all of Ock's major appearances - starting with his Amazing Spider-Man #3 origin, but covering all of his major storylines - the old stuff like Turning Point, Doc Ock Wins!, Doc Ock Lives!... through to his love affair with Mary Alice Anders, his resurrection, his marriage to Aunt May, his relationship with Stunner, and more! There's details on his arms, on his various criminal allies, and on the last page there's a listing of his most valuable appearances with rough Near Mint Values - enough to make any fan-boy drool.

The central pin-up is the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #131.

General Comments

This magazine is much better than it has any right to be. There's no "Writer" credited, so I'd love to know who is assembling all this info. If you happen to know who put this together, I'd love to find out!

Overall Rating

Four webs for a surprisingly good product. The price is hefty, but so are the figures, and so is the content. Nice work, guys.


The © in the magazine is 2005. There's no clear publishing date on these magazines, the date I have filed them under is the month I first saw them in the shops in New Zealand. The original release date in the UK is undoubtedly earlier than that.

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)