Marvel Comics Presents (Vol. 2) #8 (Story 4)

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: Jose Gonzalez (E-Mail)


The new Guardian, Michael Pointer, is having trouble controlling his powers. They seem incredibly unreliable which might have something to do with his unpredictable emotions. After the collective mutant powers of all the de-powered mutants on Earth entered him, he destroyed his home town in Alaska, killing everyone he ever knew. Now in the Guardian suit and being forced to pay for his crimes, the Canadian government is doing their best to help him through his psychological issues. USAgent, the resident jerk on the team, doesn't like the situation very much and is being kept in the dark by the team's liaison; Agent Brown.

Story 'Weapon Omega (Part 8)'

  Marvel Comics Presents (Vol. 2) #8 (Story 4)
Summary: Arachne Appears
Arc: Part 8 of 'Weapon Omega' (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11)
Writer: Rich Koslowski
Artist: Marco Checchetto
Colorist: Laura Villari

Essentially, this is one long fight scene. Though I suppose 8 pages isn't really that long. USAgent and Michael Pointer go back and forth in a fairly standard battle. Though it would have been easier to follow if Pointer's powers were a bit more defined. He fires a few beams and towards the end he triggers the powers of all the meta-humans he's absorbed over the last few issues. USAgent realizes where this power is coming from, though only through remembering flashbacks involving his conversations with Arachne about the prison transports.

Agent Brown looks on mischievously as the two fight in the Danger Room styled combat area.

General Comments

So what is there to say about an 8 page fight? Honestly, I've become a bit of a snob when it comes to fight scenes. I enjoy fights that exemplify unique abilities or talents over shows of brute strength. I suppose you could say Pointer being able to manipulate energy or USAgent's fighting ability might make this an interesting fight to watch, but that isn't the case. Pointer shoots a few blasts and USAgent who responds by punching him while spouting some obnoxious dialogue. I know that would be fitting for the former, but for some with the collective power of dozen of mutants, I'd like to see him do something other than shoot energy beams at his opponent.

The saving grace for this story had always been the beautiful art by Andrea Divito. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but Divito seems to have left the title as of the last chapter. I sincerely hope he moves on to a much more worthwhile project. The bland work of Marco Checchetto here is a good match for the calibre of the story.

Overall Rating

Ho hum, nothing special or entertaining to see here. Then again, there aren't many people reading this book anyway so no huge loss.

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: Jose Gonzalez (E-Mail)