Super Heroes Match The Color

 Posted: Apr 2016
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Whitman published several Spider-Man and Marvel colouring books in the 1970's.

Story Details

  Super Heroes Match The Color
Summary: Starring Spider-Man & Hulk

This book is 8.1" x 10.2" containing 48 newsprint pages with a staple binding.

Unlike a regular colouring book, the pages in this one are already partly coloured. Your job is to finish the colouring. Either:

  1. Some parts of the page have been coloured as a guide. You can complete the rest, or...
  2. The page is presented twice, once coloured, once black and white for you to complete, or...
  3. Some the outlines are coloured.

The book features Spider-Man and the Hulk mixed in together. But never on the same page.

General Comments

The images have a solid, friendly feel to them. They're well balanced, and they suit the book well.

According to the online U.S. Inflation Calendar, 79c in 1980 is $2.27 in 2016 money. That makes the 48 page count seem pretty generous.

Overall Rating

This book appeals to my sense of nostalgia. The underlying idea is good, and so is the execution.

Four Webs.


Strangely, the cover of the book doesn't include the words "Marvel", or "Spider-Man" or "Hulk". Very odd.

 Posted: Apr 2016
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)