Super Heroes Activity & Colouring Book


This "Super Heroes Activity & Colouring Book" was published in Australia by Budget Books in 1983.

Story Details

  Super Heroes Activity & Colouring Book
Summary: Puzzles & Activities (Spider-Man Appears)

The book is 8.3" x 10.8" with black and white printing. The paper has a decent thickness, but the texture is quite coarse newsprint style. It contains a meagre 16 pages in total.

The material is almost certainly not original for this book. It will have come either from the 1976 Mighty Marvel Superheroes Fun Book series of five TPB puzzle collections, or else from the 1979 Fun and Games series of puzzles in comic format.

General Comments

This really is much more of a "Activity" book than a "Colouring" book. In fact, most of the illustrations are entirely unsuitable for colouring-in, either being too heavily inked, having no proper edges (e.g. join-the-dots), or for having no real variety of color (Human Torch requires only an orange crayon).

The puzzles themselves are perfectly fine. But the 16 pages is ridiculously skimpy. Was there a paper shortage in Australia in the 80's or something?

Overall Rating

Australia may be a huge country, but its colouring books were embarrassingly small back in 1983.

My web-rating is reduced in size proportionally, down to one-and-a-half.