Marvel Superheroes Crayon By Number (Rose Art)

 Posted: Oct 2016
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This classic Spider-Man art kit from "RoseArt" dates from the 1990's.

Story Details

  Marvel Superheroes Crayon By Number (Rose Art)
Summary: #1890 (Six 9" x 10" Pictures, 8 Crayons)

The product is contained in a large box measuring 10" x 13" x 1.25". It's pretty jolly impressive really.

At least, it's impressive from a distance. As soon as you pick the box up, you'll notice the empty rattling noise it makes. And when you open it you'll find that it contains:

  • Six coloring pages each 9" x 12".
  • A box of eight crayons each approximately 3.5" long.

General Comments

The pages are actually nice illustrations on good quality paper stock. Each area is numbered in light grey, corresponding to the numbers on the crayons. There's a great choice of colors – Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Green, Lime Green.

But gosh it's hard to get past the fact that there's only six sheets of paper in here.

Overall Rating

One heck of a disappointment in terms of content. Also indisputably a wonderful collectable.

Let's call it evens, and give this thing Three Webs for Quality not Quantity.

 Posted: Oct 2016
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)