Meredith "Marvel Heroes" Jumbo Color and Activity Book

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Meredith Books have been putting out the odd coloring/activity book now and again for the past few years. Here's one from 2005 that we missed at the time.

Story Details

This is simply the Jumbo version of the thinner Meredith "Big" Spider-Man Color and Activity Book. This one is 400 pages instead of 64. However, the price jumps from $3 to $8 and the stickers disappear. So it's simply a question of quantity and price.

General Comments

The art is the same here as all the Meredith coloring books - it's mechanically recovered outlines ripped from "Ultimate" comics. In this case, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, and a few others here and there. Iron Man, Fantastic Four, the Hulk, all appear.

The quality of the art is pretty dubious. Without their soft computer coloring and with the rawness of the translation process, the coloring pictures aren't very appealing. Still - 400 pages is a lot by anybody's standards of coloring book.

Overall Rating

I'm gonna give this one three webs just on pure weight. Eight bucks isn't cheap for a coloring book, but this one is just massive - you'll wear out your crayons before you finish the book. Know somebody in prison for a while? Give 'em this, it'll cover you for at least two Christmases.

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)