Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Sticker Album (Gordy)

 Posted: Jan 2014
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This is one of at least three different sticker albums to be published in the mid 1980's as tie-in to the Secret Wars limited series.

Story Details

This is definitely the smallest of the bunch, at 5" x 4.1" and with a meagre 10 pages (including inside front and inside back covers as pages). The others were full magazine size with plenty more pages.

All of the pages of this tiny booklet are super-glossy card. The idea seems to be that you could place stickers in the book temporarily, then remove them again. I wasn't prepared to actually try it out though.

I have seen no indication that any dedicated stickers exist for this book. Instead, I suspect that this book was intended to be independent, or perhaps to be a loose tie-in to the other albums (e.g. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Sticker Album (Leaf) and Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Sticker Album (Panini)).

General Comments

There's really nothing I can say about this book. It really is a nothing book. If it was an independent sticker album, then it's pretty pointless without stickers.

But if it was intended as a tie-in to the real albums that came with collectible packs of trading stickers, then again I can't see the point. What would you use this little extra book for? Why remove the backing from a duplicate sticker just to put it in this book. It will stay in much better condition with the backing left on it.

And what's up with the "puffy stickers" that are referenced on the page. I've seen puffy plastic stickers with a foam filling, but I can't imagine how you would store them in a tiny flat book like this — they're too... puffy!

Overall Rating

This is a cute little collectible for utter completists like myself. But in all honestly it seems a pointless little product. Much as I love having acquired this for my collection, I can only give it a sad two-web rating.

 Posted: Jan 2014
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)