Marvel Age: Spider-Man #16


The classic version Amazing Spider-Man #17 is one of my favourite silver age Spider-Man comics. I'm really hoping it will be a good read and not follow most of the issues before it in being boring and boring some more...

Story 'Return of the Green Goblin'

  Marvel Age: Spider-Man #16
Summary: 2nd Green Goblin (Re-Telling of ASM #17)

In his secret base, the Green Goblin is practicing his new weapons on a dummy of Spider-Man then starts talking into a dictophone about whether the goblin formula is affecting his brain. His idenity is still a mystery because his face is hidden. Then at Midtown High, Flash is talking about a rally that he is going to start to support Spider-Man. Liz wants Flash to ask Peter for help but he says no; he doesn't need any help from Parker. Later, as Spider-Man, Peter breaks up what he thinks is a fight between the police and two criminals but it just turns out to be a movie that was being shot on scene. The next day, Spider-Man is in the newspaper with a headline: "Spider-Dope" because of the whole embarrasing movie break up. And of course, J. Jonah Jameson is pretty happy that he's made a fool of his enemy.

After, Peter and Betty Brant are walking to a coffee shop to get some lunch when they see Liz and Flash. To the suprise of Peter, Flash and Liz, Betty starts acting like Pete's girlfriend! Betty kisses Peter goodbye then goes back to the Bugle. Flash then tells Peter that they're on their way to the TV station; they want to interveiw Flash about the Spider-Man rally! After we see a panel of Flash on TV then a mysterious man (whose face is hidden. But we all know who it is right?) plots revenge we go back to the Bugle! Peter is asking Betty what happened down on the street and she says something like (its hard to work out what she actually meant) that Liz was really freaked when she saw that Pete had a girlfriend. Then JJJ comes in and tells Peter to take some pictures of the Spider-Man rally (with JJJ being there to cover the story). After, we see a mugging that Spidey is about to stop but The Human Torch stops it instead! Then back at the Parker house Peter is offputting another date with MJ Watson because he has to go to work. Now, lets finally get to the rally where the crowd is eagerly waiting for Spider-Man to show up in person! Of course, Peter can't dissapoint them so he changes into Spidey, tries to make an opening speech when the Green Goblin attacks! They have an extremly short fight scene until Liz Allen tells Spidey that she has to find Peter Parker: his aunt is in the hospital! Spider-Man runs off to the astonishment of the crowd and to the on-scene Human Torch! Later, we see Peter talking to his recovering Aunt and saying that he's glad to be there with his Aunt.

General Comments

Well the beginning was okay, some nice character moments and a good scene with Spidey interupting the movie. Then it started to fall apart, Betty seemed extremely out of character; for a moment she seemed like a mother (asking Peter is he still getting good grades) then pretending to be Peter's girlfriend. And to be honest, I still don't fully get her explanation! For about 4 pages it was boring! It was just Spidey trying to beat up a mugger but the Human Torch getting in the way then Peter just at home offputting another date. I know the Mary Jane thing does have something to do with future stories but it just seems boring. Then we finally get to the rally when the Green Goblin attacks and it was rubbish! Lets compare it to the classic issue where there is about 5 pages of an interesting fight with The Green Goblin, Spider-Man and The Human Torch. In the Marvel Age version its barely 1 and a half pages! I know Spidey does run off but they could make him fight a bit longer! And all the Goblin does is throw two pumpkin bombs! Once again, Marvel Age Spider-Man gives us uninteresting and short fight scenes! There is a time for good character moments but not EVERY ISSUE! I'm getting a bit annoyed about this problem!

Now onto the art, the actual pictures were good but the story didn't flow from one box to the other. It all seemed too 'blocky' to me. It seemed like the writer and the penciller didn't collaborate at all! I'm really hoping this will be the last of the bad issues because its starting to get like i would prefer reading Howard Mackie's work rather than this! (Hey, wheres my copy of the reboot?) and that is NOT a good sign.

Overall Rating

Some characters seemed out of character, extremely short fight scene (i quite like some issues with good character development but this is just annoying) and art that doesn't flow from one box to the other. This is really a bad issue. I'm hoping it will be the last.