Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #61

 Posted: Mar 2010


In this comic, Peter (Spider-Man), Parker; our webbed hero; is not only, still a teen, but he lives in today’s hi-tech, modern world. This series has re-imagined the world of Spider-Man for today’s modern sensibility without all of the grim and grittiness that currently infuses today’s comic line. Still, it retains all of the exciting nuances and straight-up fun from the Silver Age of Marvel. True, these stories are truly targeted for a much younger audience than your typical reader of Marvel comics. Still, it should be noted that there are plenty of “old timers” (like this reviewer in particular), who really do find this title a refreshing breeze.

Story Details

  Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #61
Summary: New Adventures of Spider-Man as a teen
Editor: Nathan Cosby
Writer: Paul Tobin
Pencils: Christian Nauck
Inker: Terry Pallot

Silencer is being followed down a crowded street by Chat’s animal friends who corner her allowing Chat to cut her off. Chat is very angry at Emma because Chat has learned that Emma was messing with her mind, making Chat forget that she & Spidey were dating. So Chat slugs Emma, tossing her to the ground. Emma is visibly very upset that she hurt her friend.

Three hours earlier, Chat and Peter are trying to explain to Gwen that Chat & Peter are dating, not Gwen and Peter. Only Chat tells Gwen that Gwen and Pete are dating, but she has come to realize that Emma is also messing with Gwen’s mind, and doesn’t want to hurt Gwen. She explains this to Peter and then leaves to find Emma.

Two hours ago, Pete and Captain Stacy are having a heart-to-heart about the Captain getting Spidey a cop’s badge, and Spidey turning on the police force by allowing Silencer to escape. Pete tries to explain, but falls short because he just can’t give up Silencer, without revealing that she is his girlfriend’s best friend. Pete finds himself caught in the middle, and Captain Stacy recognizes that Pete is in a dilemma, and allows Pete to work it out on his own.

Back to now. Chat’s animal friends are attacking Silencer as Spidey is looking for the girls (by asking the animals). Unfortunately, Emma finally gets a chance to catch her breath, and turns several members of the crowd on Chat. Spidey arrives just in time to rescue Chat from the crowd, which he tries to stop without hurting them as he likewise attempts to capture Silencer.

Finally Spidey corners Emma and Chat confronts her friend, demanding to know why she was doing what she was doing, and why. Embarrassed and ashamed, Emma finally admits that she was jealous of her friend, because Spider was such a good guy and she wanted to break them up, so that maybe Peter would go out with her. Now, however, she realizes that was wrong, and surrenders to the police without a fight. Spidey and Chat then “introduce” themselves to each other and “begin dating.”

General Comments

Well, this story does clear up some of what was going on in the series these past several issues, and it did a pretty good job of explaining everything. Still, the title is Spider-Man and I personally could do more with more Spidey, and less Chat.

Overall Rating

As with previous issues, I prefer the all-in-one episodes where the continuity mirrored Spidey’s actual history than something completely different, but again, that could just be me.


This is the final issue of this title, as the entire Marvel Adventure line is slated to reboot next month. This book will be re-born (phoenix-like) titled Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures (finally putting Spidey’s name up top, where it belongs).

 Posted: Mar 2010