Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #8

 Posted: 2005


This title is one part Retro Spidey as a teen (think Marvel Age: Spider- Man), one part Modern Spidey as a teen Ultimate Spider-Man, and two parts Classic Spidey as a teen; making it something more than an alternate universe Spidey, but just shy of actual continuity implants. Needless to say, in this title, all bets are off. For not only is the series is honestly very entertaining - it is truly a unique experiment; casting a classic version of Spidey set in a more modern age, delivering both the feeling and fun of old- time continuity that has been retro-fitted into Spidey's history, yet, holds no real impact on the current incarnation of the character. For us old timers, it simply doesn't get much better than this!

Spidey goes up against Mac The Scorpion Garvin, only his heart really isn't into the superhero thing, as Peter has a study date with Liz Allen.

Story 'Rush Hour!'

As we begin this episode in our webbed heroes young life, he is in a knockdown, drag out confrontation with the original Scorpion. Only, instead of proceeding from here, we are shot back into the immediate past to see how Spidey got here.

The real start of the story, Peter has completed school for the day, and is now exiting the Bugle where he has just sold JJJ some Spidey pictures, and he is in a hurry to get across town, for a study date with Liz Allen. Only there is a huge rush hour crowd an the subway platform, so, rather than shuffle along with the mass of humanity, he chooses to web across the city to get to his appointment. On his way he stops a random mugging, when he spots the Scorpion who has just knocked over a bank.

Spidey goes after the villain, webbing him down to a taxicab hoping that will hold him long enough for the cops to get there and haul him in, before proceeding on his way. While swinging past the Queensboro Bridge, a very irritated Scorpion catches up with Spidey and attacks him while he is crossing the span.

The two tussle across the bridge trading punches and dodging traffic, as Spidey tries to subdue the villain and make his date. In an effort to take the fight away from by-passers, Spidey knocks Scorpion off the span and into the river. Weighted down by his armor, the Scorpion sinks while Spidey makes the surface and swims to shore. Once there, he makes a quick stop at a laundry mat to wash his civvies so that he can change into his street clothes for his date. This done, Spidey hops the El and continues on his way, that is until he is again assaulted by the determined Scorpion while riding atop the El. As the train rushes down the tracks the two continue to pummel away each other when the Scorpion rips open the roof of one of the cars. Determined to put an end to all of this. Spidey webs Scorpion to the roof, and then literally rips his the villain's tail off, beating him senseless with the broken end.

Spidey then deposits the unconscious and webbed-up villain in front of a pair of beat cops and hustles off to find Liz. Only when he arrives, he finds her sitting with Flash Thompson. When the confused Peter confronts the pair, and asks Liz, what's going on, she responds by telling him that their date was for yesterday, and she waited all afternoon for him.

Confused and bewildered, Peter watches as she walks off with Flash.

General Comments

Fun, fun, fun. There is so much drama going on in Peter's regular books (this story is being published alongside "The Other" storyline that is running through all the main Spider-books), that a story that is not only has no real repercussions, but is a straight-up, light-hearted, action tale simply can't miss.

Overall Rating

You would think that the editors of the Spider-line would see this for what it was, and stop with all of the earth-shaking events, and fall back on some Spidey stories that are there simply to entertain us. Ah well.


Seeing a teenaged Spidey in action in straight up, single-issue action tales, while clinging to the heart of the character quite a bit of fun. So, if you are looking for a jumping on point into the Spidey legend, have a friend (or child), you are trying to introduce into Spidey's mythos, then this is the series you want to pitch. For it is with this series, Marvel recalls that both the casual and new (or young) reader needs a place to jump on, and get hooked on the magic of Marvel.

 Posted: 2005