Marvel Adventures Avengers #27 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2008


Paul Tobin's debut story on this title features Captain America and Iron Man, with a Wolverine cameo.

Story 'And Some Other Small Problems'

While the other Avengers engage in shenanigans at the State Fair, Iron Man and Cap hang out in New York. It's a busy day for them: they thwart an invasion of tiny aliens; chat with Wolverine on the phone; shoot some hoops; and shut down a criminal racket that's sending obnoxious spam e-mails. This last takes up the most page count because the racketeers in question are the Enforcers: Fancy Dan, Montana, and Ox!

They give Cap and Iron Man about as much trouble as you would expect.

General Comments

Yawn. It's fun to see Steve Rogers and Tony Stark being friendly and hanging out, but come on... the Enforcers? They haven't been a credible threat to Spider-Man in more than forty years, and they're being run up against Iron Man? Lariat, judo, and big biceps versus power armour and repulsor rays? Come on. There's no real suspense, and while the power mismatch should be funny—certainly Tobin wants to play it for laughs—it isn't amusing, either.

Overall Rating

There isn't much here, but to be fair, Tobin wasn't given much of a page count to work with. And the phone exchange between Iron Man and Wolverine gave me a smile, so that's something. Still, it's not as good as its companion story. One and a half webs.

 Posted: 2008