Mad Kids #7


Mad Kids is a quarterly magazine created by the same guys who bring you the wacky world of Mad Magazine (U.S.) and Mad Magazine (Australia). The difference here is, while their main title is intended for children and immature adults, Mad Kids is intended for... well, even younger and less mature people.

Story Details

  Mad Kids #7
Summary: Spider-Man Stars
Publisher: E.C. Publications
Editor: John Ficarra

Spider-Man graces the front cover this issue. You'll also find:

  1. Missing Scenes from Spider-Man 3
  2. Wacky Wall Webbers
  3. A genuine interview with Tobey Maguire

The Wall Webbers are posters that come in pairs, you connect 'em up with string to make 'em funny, effectively adding webbing to make 'em complete.

The interview with Tobey is good value - it's a fresh approach from the regular stuff you'll find in movie mags.

The missing scenes are a giggle, but there's only four of them.

And that's the lot for Spidey stuff. Not a lot, given that Spidey's the supposed star of this issue. The rest of the magazine is filled with the usual mix of Mad madness, Spy vs. Spy flip books, letters from fans, a few ads (not many), some puzzles and plenty of other visual gags. If you don't know what's in a Mad mag, then I'm hardly gonna explain it to ya.

Overall Rating

Not a lot of content, but the interview was surprisingly interesting. Let's slice it down the middle and call it an average three webs.