Imperfects #3

 Title: Imperfects
 Posted: 2005


Instead of being generated by the comicbook division, this comic is an outgrowth from one of Marvel's licensors, Electronic Arts (EA). So in association with Marvel's brand-new game production division, EA developed this combat videogame to form a fighting franchise between several "A"-List Marvel heroes going up against a group of brand-new characters developed by EA's creative designers.

In Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (both the game and the comic), an alien genius (nutball, take your pick) is attempting to create a class of, perfect super-warriors (apparently he didn't see any of the Aliens films, for if he did, he would have seen where this is all heading). At any rate, his creations are masterful and powerful, but he and his creations must contend with the Marvel superheroes when the mad scientist begins his experiments with earthlings.

Story 'Rise of the Imperfects: Part 3'

  Imperfects #3
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Renato Arlem

The Green goop that was injected into several Marvel heroes (including Ben Grimm, The Fantastic Four's Thing) has spilled out of Ben and is currently being examined by Mr. Fantastic. Johnny is somewhat complacent, but Ben is still very upset that he really wanted (perhaps more than the others) to believe that he could be perfect. Reed is very concerned and is wants to know from Johnny Storm, The Human Torch to whom, besides Ben and Johnny did the goop speak.

Meanwhile, Electra is tracking the voice she heard inside her head through the New York City sewer system. Back on his ship, the alien Dr. Rorekel is preparing to inject his sentient voodoo cocktail into the humans his minions abducted. However, in addition to the injection, they are also performing some, shall we say, body modifications, on the humans. While this is going on, the blind Matt Murdock has arrived at the jail cell where his client, Johnny (who was kidnapped by Rorekel) was held, and apparently committed suicide.

Matt examines the cell by tapping his cane on the floor, and listening to the echoes with his sonic senses. By doing this, he discovers a small splattering of the green goop on the wall of Johnny's cell. Across town, Peter Parker and Johnny Storm talk about their experiences while under the influence of Rorekel's oddly sentient goop, as The Thing vents his frustration on the roof of Four Freedoms Tower, against a growing electrical storm. Which, is apparently reflection the equally foul mood of Orro, The X-Men's Storm.

As they chat, several aliens (not Rorekel's men), explore what appears to be a South American jungle, observed by a pair of native tribesmen. Something seems to spook the aliens and they chitter away in their alien tongue. Murdock returns to his brownstone to find Electra, who entices him to join her back down in the sewers on her own hunt, which he does.

Back on Rorekel's ship, the five enhanced humans (exhibiting powers that are similar in nature to the heroes Rorekel abducted earlier) are spoiling for a fight, and unless Rorekel properly directs them, they are more than willing to fight amongst themselves. Underground, Matt and Electra seem to come across Rorekel, who manage to escape, with Electra aboard the ship. Rorekel injects Electra (again) just as the meta-humans begin to test the limits of their powers. It is then that Rorekel reveals that he actually has some sort of power over them, which forces them to obey him and do his bidding.

General Comments

There still seems to be quite a bit of set-up still going on here. True, we are now exactly halfway into this series, but I still can't help but get the feeling that Stan could have done the entire series in eight pages, and still have had time to do a two-page fight sequence, and had it hold more drama and pathos.

Overall Rating

Again. The coloring though moody is something of a problem for me (although it is beginning to grow on me, as is all of the standing around and waiting). I know that there is a point to all of this, and I realize that if I hang around long enough that Greg Pak will eventually get to it.


By bigest problem, however is that, I also know that nothing that occurs here will ever spill over into the "regular" Marvel Universe, I am, however grateful, that some of the "regular" Marvel-verse has leaked over into this book (I'm referring specifically to the fact that Johnny knows that Peter is Spidey, as was revealed in the recent Spider-Man: Human Torch #5.

 Title: Imperfects
 Posted: 2005