Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #602

 Posted: Aug 2010


Last issue Banner met up with Skaar, the son of the Hulk, who intends to kill him when he returns. Banner offers to help him prepare and arranges a sparing session with the Juggernaut - by blowing up his house as well as his petty cash.

Story 'Playdate'

  Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #602
Summary: Spider-Man Reference (Poster in Comic Shop)
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Ariel Olivetti

The Juggernaut sends a text message to Banner warning him that he's coming for him. Soon after arrives after Banner's message is delivered. Instead of fighting Skaar as he planned, the Juggernaut attacks him. Banner's personal force field protects him from serious injury but he still gets knocked around. The Juggernauts punches him so hard that the impact registers on the Richter scale.

This activity threatens the nearby civilians. Banner urges Skaar to protect them from the Juggernaut. Skaar knows the "civilians" are fake due to the scent and cuts one of the LMDs in half to prove his point. Banner makes a mental note to upgrade them at the next opportunity.

Finally Skaar decides to step in and take over. Skaar soon learns that his innate strength doesn't immediately win out over the mystic power of the Cyttorak Ruby and has to change his approach. Using his Old Power he commands a giant rock to lift the Juggernaut into the air. He then drops Juggernaut from a significant height and punches him into space. Juggernaut is quite annoyed that he was outsmarted.

Later in Arlington, Texas, Banner brings Skaar into a comic book shop (not kidding) and shows him a picture of Conan the Barbarian. Banner has been making "Conan" jokes lately and felt it necessary to explain this to the clueless alien.

Beast reports to Mr. Fantastic that he was keeping tabs on Juggernaut. In response to Banner's actions, Beast sends Wolverine after Banner and Skaar.

He finds them to a comic shop in Arlington, TX.

General Comments

I wasn't kidding about the text message. I don't know how this is possible. I don't know why the creators thought this was funny.

Overall Rating

3 webs. Good clean gamma-fun

 Posted: Aug 2010