Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #2

 Posted: Feb 2019
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


The Multiverse has been destroyed. All that remains is Battleworld, the fragmented domain of Victor Von Doom. One piece of Doom's global jigsaw puzzle is "Marville", home to the Mini-Marvels.

In a nod to the events of the 2012 Avengers vs X-Men Marvel "Event", this mini-series features the Little-Avengers pitted against the Mini-X-Men.

Last issue: A mysterious pair of twins has moved into Marville.

Story Details

  Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #2
Summary: Little Marvel Spider-Man Appears
Editor: Charles Beacham
Writer/Artist: Skottie Young
Cover Art: Skottie Young
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu

The Little-Marvel kids of Marville all attend Professor Xavier's school. During recess, Captain America and Cyclops pick sets for a game of "Marvel Ball". Of course, Cap picks all the Avengers, and Cyke picks all the X-Men. The game quickly turns brutal. [Laughs 0].

Oh, wait on a quick re-reading I missed a gag. Spider-Man asks Daredevil "Did you see who won?" Dammit, I laughed at that even though it's make fun of disabled people. I am a bad person and I should feel bad. [Laughs +1]

When the bell rings, the MM's are introduced to the new twins, Zoe and Zachary. The current students interrogate them, trying to find out what powers they might have (they don't seem to have any). [Laughs +2]

Plus a laugh for Bruce Banner needing a toilet break. [Laughs +1]

Before school breaks up, the Avengers and the X-Men both invite the "Z" twins to join the clubhouse over the weekend. Then the MM's take the school bus back to their respective homes. [Laughs +2]

The next day, the Avengers and the X-Men wait by their respective side-by-side, tree-top clubhouses, setting up a welcome for the Zach and Zoe. But their competitive streak gets out of control, and the twins arrive just in time to see the conflict go apocalyptic and burst into flaming fragments of destruction. [Laughs +1].

General Comments

OK, now things are looking up. I count a total of 7 laughs in this issue, which compared to last issue is (carry the 1, divide by π) is... err... seven more than last time.

Overall Rating

I'm starting to enter into the spirit of this.

I would still like to see more jokes per page. But the art work is better than Not Brand Echh, and I'm starting to warm to these characters.

Three-and-a-half webs.


Question: Are the the Z-twins actually parodies of mainstream Marvel characters, perhaps with different names? I'm not at all up-to-date with the Mutant side of Marvel, and maybe I'm missing some reference here.

 Posted: Feb 2019
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)