Green Goblin #11

 Title: Green Goblin
 Posted: 2004


GG has just landed a heap of cash from outwitting Arcade! Now he's going to paint the town green with his dough...but not if Angel Face has her way. She's escaped from prison and wants the Green Goblin in the worst way. Where does she go? Straight to Ben Urich and his interloping son, Phil!

Story Details

That weirdo chick Angel Face has booked from prison, and is on the rampage for the Green Goblin. Phil window-shops, and buys a very Peter Parker looking suit, to ask Lynn Wlash out. but all she's interested in is Phil's Uncle's files on the Goblin for Ken Ellis! But when Phil tells his Uncle, Ben happily drops the file off at Ellis' desk. Dejected, he walks out of the Bugle, only to have a bag thrown over his head!

When the lights come back on, Phil is tied up in a chair, and in the midst of Angel Face's gang. She wants the Goblin-file, but he tells her that Ken and Lynn have it, so she kidnaps them too. Angel Face, for some reason, is gathering some of the toughest thugs in New York together, and it has something to do with GG. Phil summons his glider, jumps out the window, and escapes the femme fatales. It's a quick jet up to the roof and a quick-change and the Green Goblin goes into action.

He thumps the asemblage of crooks, and chases Angel Face, who has also kidnapped Lynn Walsh and taken off down into the sewers. The Goblin fakes her out by sending his glider ahead of him, so Angel has something to shoot at while he takes her out. He save Lynn, gets kissed by the girl, and makes the day!

End with Phil listening to Lynn and Meredith in the newsroom, and Phil gets up the courage to ask Meredith out!

General Comments

Pretty drastic change of art this month, but I can't exactly say the book's gown downhill. While I didn't like the inks or pencils as well, they were still okay. The chariacture of the Goblin was brought through very well, while the humans looked plain and akward. This issue was in contrast with the previous issues because it wasn't as dark. The colors did much more work, and the shading just wasn't there.

The story was good, but I'm not sold on the Angel Face character; too similair to Two-Face. It seems like this one's lost steam, because I didn't get as excited about this adventure. Maybe that's just a sign of the end-of-the-road.

Eh, I'll have to give it a three. It didn't really knock my socks off, was pretty predictable, but it didn't suck. Hell, it wasn't Spider-Man Team-Up #2 (ech!)

Overall Rating

 Title: Green Goblin
 Posted: 2004