Green Goblin #9

 Title: Green Goblin
 Posted: 2004


Phil Urich discovered Harry Osborn's secret headquarters, got covered in an unknown green chemical, and stole equipment to become the New Green Goblin! Having recently gotten the 'green' light from Osborn's widow, Phil has thrown himself into the role of hero and adventurer, learning that with great power comes... one hell of a good time!

This issue also presents the story of Johnathan Gatesworth, Larson Toddsmtih, and Marc Protaccio, who founded Compuboot. A billion-dollar computer company, Compuboot has the number-one computer game, "Killer Teenage Aliens from the Mutant Death Star", on the market. But the creator, Mr. Gatesworth, was squeezed out of the company by his two partners soon after he finished the sequel to their hit video game.

Story Details

  Green Goblin #9
Summary: Spider-Man Reference (Netshape emulates SM using his "VR Suit")
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Tom DeFalco
Pencils: Scott McDaniel
Inker: Derek Fisher

Phil and his friend Freddy Glazer, are checking out the latest game technology at the game conference when they run into Merry and Lynn. 'Fast' Freddy puts the moves on Lynn, who agrees to go strolling the conference with him. As Merry and Phil talk, a figure in an overcoat bumps into them, storming through the crowded exhibition hall.

The figure turns out to be Johnathan, confronting his two "partners" at the game's exhibit, enraged at the fact that they used his creative product to catapult their own fortunes. John dons his newest creation, a virtual reality suit that allows him to assume any form he wishes. He turns into a dragon and causes massive havoc throughout the game convention.

On Freddie's advice, Phil tries to tell Lynn how he feels about her, but Lynn is caught up in writing about the conference. Merry shows some Compuboot research she's been digging up for Lynn, which gives Phil all the info he needs. At the same time, Larson has ordered his men to search Johnathan's apartment, looking for his new technology. Larson is convinced that John's technology is actually the property of Compuboot, and that he has every right to it.

After rigging up a remote control for his glider, Phil show up in costume at the game convention, as does Johnathan. He is in the crowd, and is cornered by Compuboot men. With a flick of the control, the Green Goblin flies into the battle just as John fires up his suit. Turning first into a gorilla, then a couple of Mortal Kombat knock-offs, 'Netshape' and Gobby go the rounds. From Spider-Man to the Hulk to a bat-looking individual, John is degrading the Goblin for interefering in his revenge while they fight. From underneath the heaps of scared Compuboot men, Larson screams that he wants that suit! It gives Phil and idea, and he throws a few razor-bats at the shape-shifter, shorting out the circuits.

Just as Larson is relishing his victory (his?), a flock of competitors run to John's aid, offering him free legal aid in exchange for rights to his suit. As Phil looks on, disgusted that the 'villain' is getting all this help, someone says "that's the business", and hands him a card. "Give me a call if you ever get popular enough to rate your own comic book!" As if!

After sending his glider home, Phil catches up with the girls, just in time for Lynn to run off to the Bugle to right down the whole event. Before she leaves, however, she tells Phil how much she loves the Green Goblin (bonus!) Phil invites Merry out for a pizza, and they go walking to the smoggy sunset.

General Comments

I love Scott McDaniel's art! He has such a distinctive feel and style, It helps the reader lose themselves in the story. His unusual angles and defining images sets McDaniel apart from other comic artists.

The story this month really surprised me. I was waiting for another 'contrived cliche villain', but was shocked when I read the story. I am not a real VR enthusiast, and feel that the virtual reality gimmick has been over-used, but Netshape was a very likeable antagonist. You feel bad for him, getting suckered by the corporate sharks, and Lasron Toddsmith is a perfect corporate slimeball.

I have heard through the grapevine that Scott McDaniel will be launching the 'Nightwing' monthly for DC. It is a true loss for the spider-group, but hopefully he'll be back.

Overall Rating

This month had a better story than the past few issues, as well as a better villain. Things in Phil's life are heating up, too, and they don't promise to cool down. Now, with only three months left to go, let's hope that the tension will build, and the climax will be even better! With a killer cover, a good adventure, and the same Goblin attitude, this issue is definitely worth four and a half-webs.

 Title: Green Goblin
 Posted: 2004