Green Goblin #3


DeFalco still scripts, Scott McDaniel continues with pencils in this new series which promised a great deal, and hasn't failed to deliver.

Story Details

  Green Goblin #3
Summary: Scarlet Spider Appears, Joystick
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Tom DeFalco
Pencils: Scott McDaniel
Inker: Scott McDaniel

Even super-heros (is Green Goblin a hero?) Even super-powered types have hormones, and Philip Urich's are firing on all four cylinders after he meets Joystick. In case you didn't read the Scarlet Spider crossover, Joystick is a psychopathic babe who's invoved in an international real-life version of Mortal Kombat.

Joystick had to defeat Scarlet Spider to advance to the next level. She failed the first round, and was looking for round two. Unfortunately, her opponent from the previous level was looking to rewire the program and get an unoffical re-match. It all descends into a free-for-all between Green Goblin, Scarlet Spider, Joystick, and El Toro Negro.

Philip survives the fight, but that still leaves him with a lousy job, a bad case of acne, and a kitchen stove which is too disgusting to even reheat a pizza in.

General Comments

This comics moved straight to the top of my buying list when I saw issue #1, and it hasn't moved from there. Awesome art, cool characters, and a script with a great mix of pace with embedded detail.

Overall Rating

Five webs every time.