Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Buzzboy + Roboy Red)

 Posted: 2008


This was a giveaway comic from Free Comic Book Day 2007.

Story Details

Buzz Boy is sort of a superheroes meets the Jetsons comic. Buzz is a superhero sidekick and he seems to live in some sort of way-cool future with robots and other neat gadgets and characters.

General Comments

This comic has four short stories all done very well and quite entertaining. The one that interests us is a short about a young John Gallagher (the writer/artist) as he relates a bit about his childhood, and how he used to read comics and dress up as various superheroes, including our guy Spider-Man

Overall Rating

A very neat book that caused me to go out and acquire a couple of the regular comics in the series.


As stated, this was a giveaway comic in 2007, There was on in 2006 (also with a Spidey reference) and there will be another Buzzboy comic in 2008. Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 3.

 Posted: 2008