Free Comic Book Day 2005 (Buzzboy)

 Posted: 2008


This was a giveaway comic from Free Comic Book Day 2006.

Story 'Part II: One Tough Customer'

Buzz Boy is the superhero's kid sidekick he and his pals (also kid sidekicks) get into all sorts of goofy trouble as would kid superhero sidekicks.

General Comments

This comic has three short stories all done very well and quite entertaining. The one that interests us is one where Roboy Red goes out for Halloween and (in one panel) dresses u like our guy Spider-Man

Overall Rating

A very neat book that subsequently caused me seek out and acquire a couple of the regular comics in the series.


As stated, this was a giveaway comic in 2006, there were buzzboy comics in 2007 (with a Spidey reference) and one in 2005 (without a Spidey reference). There will be yet another Buzzboy comic in 2008, on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 3 2008.

 Posted: 2008