Foolkiller #8


It is 1992 and the US (along with a coalition of Allies), has come to the defense of Kuwait against the aggression of Iraq during Desert Shield. Now, after all the pieces are in place, war has been declared and the first Gulf War is on. Foolkiller, disgusted with everyday fools now has his hands full with all of the fools who bubble to the top of the pot during all of the hostilities at home when War Hawks, and Peaceniks clash. (Where are Hawk and Dove when you really need them, eh?)

Story '42 Days'

  Foolkiller #8
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor: Craig Anderson
Writer: Steve Gerber
Pencils: J.J. Birch
Inker: Vince Giarrano

Tempers flare when war is declared in the Gulf, and the citizens of New York become polarized as they each declare their own side. As tempers rise, and the groups clash the fools from each side make themselves known. This is where Foolkiller earns his name as he incinerates fools on both side of the equation.

Our webbed hero enters into the fray as twin demonstrations converge on the same particular square in Midtown. As the two groups begin to mix it up, Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parker is there on the scene to earn his keep. As the violence escalates, Pete ducks out and Spider-Man appears.

Spidey rescues a youth who becomes separated from his mother and is about to become trampled. In the midst of the imbroglio comes Foolkiller who dispenses his own brand of justice to someone he perceives as a fool. This, naturally enough, frightens and scatters the crowd. This bit of frontier justice is followed by three more deaths as Foolkiller makes his agenda known.

General Comments

This story is typical Steve Gerber stuff. All motivation and political agenda. Well written and compelling it is drenched with Gerber's particular slant on life. Good stuff and it would be interesting to read the limited series in its entirety.

Overall Rating

I like Gerber, and always loved to read his particular bent on any topic. This story is no exception.


As we are four years into the second Gulf War, it is very interesting to read Gerber's take on actions swirling around the first.