Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #2

 Posted: 2009


Last issue Mac Gargan aka SHRA-approved Spider-Man became very annoyed that J. Jonah Jameson the man who paid him to become the Scorpion had been elected mayor. He decided to embark on a revenge campaign and left a dead stripper in his bedroom.

Story 'We Need A Hero'

Police chief Ricardo Ibanez arrives at Gracie Mansion upon Jonah's request with the explicit instruction to be discreet about the "incident". Somewhere along the line, one of his officers leak information to the press about the corpse. The front lawn quickly becomes a circus of journalists and onlookers trying to get a glimpse inside.

Later that afternoon, Gargan starts a gang war to add to Jameson's problems. He meets with Red and Ham of the Rolling Sevens under the alias of "Kilgore Trout". He explains to Red that The Park Avenue Players harassed him and he wants some payback. He gives Red a bank card linked to an account in the Cayman Islands with $250,000 in it. Gargan made the quarter mil selling old Iron Man armor from the Avengers' armory. He then attacks the Park Avenue Players as "Spider-Man" and tells them that The Rolling Sevens told him where to find them. The raid allows the police to arrest the gang for drug possession - approximately $200,000 worth. Four days later, the violence in New York has increased dramatically due to Gargan's involvement.

Brooklyn Psychiatric Hospital: Dr. Shep Gunderson's group therapy for super-villains continue. We learn that all attendees have one thing in common: all were maimed by "Spider-Man". The Hippo explains that he was originally a normal hippopotamus until the High Evolutionary decided on a whim to force him up the evolutionary ladder. Unable to make ends meet, he began robbing banks until Spider-Man bit one of his legs off. Eleven lost a leg. The Dementiod lost two of his insect-like appendages. General Wolfram lost an arm. Doctor Everything (an obvious homage to Dr. Manhattan from "Watchmen") admits he amputated his right arm to feel more human.

Gunderson then reveals highly advanced prosthetic limbs for everyone. He warns them that they're on loan from a gullible manufacturer. If they break them, he has to buy them. He then announces that they're ready to redeem Spider-Man.

To help combat the rise in violent crime, Jameson reluctantly meets with Norman Osborn at Avengers Tower. He wants a special appointee that will work with his office to bring crime back down to a more manageable level. His first choice is Ms. Marvel. Osborn has a better idea and gives him Spider-Man.

General Comments

Nothing amazing or spectacular happened here. Just the natural fallout from the events set up last issue. Gargan had to one-up his dead stripper stunt from last issue and does so by starting a gang war.

The misguided Gunderson decides to carry out his plan to rehabilitate the hostile Spider-Man for reasons that aren't quite explained. I think there's more to it than helping out maimed supervillain wannabes.

Overall Rating

3 webs. Not a lot happens in this issue, but it's just interesting enough to wonder what happens next.

 Posted: 2009