Dark Avengers #12

 Title: Dark Avengers
 Posted: Aug 2010


Osborn's Avengers went to Dinosaur, Colorado to find the Secretary of State's daughter. Their investigation went south when they learned that the Molecule Man was responsible.

Following the disappearance of the Avengers, Victoria Hand does the only thing possible when faced with an adversary on the level of the Molecule Man: she surrenders.

Story Details

  Dark Avengers #12
Summary: Spider-Man/Zombie Spider-Man reference plus Venom/Scorpion appearance
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr.
Painter: Greg Horn (Pgs 2, 3 & 8)

Osborn's spider-hallucinations continue and soon finds himself on the ground in Molecule Man's "throne room" unable to move.

Outside Victoria Hand convinces Molecule Man that she is in fact serious. In exchange for the return of the Avengers and all the other missing people, he can have whatever he wants.

The Sentry pulls himself together after being molecularly disassembled. Hatred burns black in his eyes as he sets out to even the score with the Molecule Man.

Molecule Man brings Hand to Osborn. After realigning some molecules in his brain the Sentry arrives and asks him to step outside. Molecule Man once again disintegrates the Sentry.

Hand pulls Osborn to safety while trying to reestablish contact with the helicarrier. When Osborn finally revives, she explains that she tried to stall him with a fake surrender until they could locate him. Their com-link is down and she can't tell their forces to retreat.

The Sentry reforms and takes gains the upper hand. He forces Molecule Man to restore everything to its previous state, including the missing people and the Avengers. The Sentry then uses his powers to disintegrate the Molecule Man.

When the Sentry returns, he tells Osborn of a revelation he just had. Much like the Molecule Man he has control over molecules; it's the basis of his powers. As the rest of the team gathers around, Sentry suddenly can't remember what just happened. He flies back to Avengers' Tower under his own power, leaving the rest of the team speechless. They wonder what will happen the next time "Bob" is not the dominant personality.

When Osborn arrives at his workshop in Avengers' Tower, Hand forces him to schedule a medical evaluation to ensure there is no permanent damage from the Molecule Man. Reluctant at first, Osborn agrees.

Moments after she leaves, Osborn has a minor breakdown, trying to claw his face off. He quickly regains his composure trying to prevent anyone from seeing him in a weakened state. Loki, who appeared during his attack witnessed the whole thing.

General Comments

Norman Osborn spent too much time naked in this issue. Just saying.

It seems that the savior of the day was actually - The Void. Remember Osborn's assertion that the Void does not exist? I think he - and the rest of the team - realizes that he was wrong. They are now living in the same complex with somebody that could change reality and not be aware of it.

Overall Rating

4 webs. Good conclusion to his arc as well as a nice touch of mystery. What is going on with the Sentry? How will the Void - who does exist - play into future issues? Trust in Bendis and all will be well.

 Title: Dark Avengers
 Posted: Aug 2010