Daredevil (Vol.2) #60

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Matt Murdock has spent the past few months kind of losing the plot. Having deposed the Kingpin, he has then abandoned his Daredevil role in favour of having become "The New King of Hell's Kitchen". Fighting fire with fire, and such. He married his new girlfriend, Milla, and abandoned his old friends.

Recently, the Yakuza decided to make their move, and shipped over an army wired up with MGH - mutant growth hormone, the drug they were also peddling on the streets. The Yakuza did a number or Matt, who then went into hiding while he healed. Milla contacted Urich, who tracked Matt down, and confronted him. That seems to have done the trick. Matt gets back into the red suit, and calls on Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to help kick the Yakuza back to Japan.

Story 'The King of Hell's Kitchen: Part 5'

DD gives the number one Yakuza dude the chance to surrender. Nope. Let the butt-kicking commence. Each of the heroes wades into the the battle in their own inimitable style. Our man, Spidey, makes with the wise-cracking in between head-cracking.

Matt heads outside with the Yakuza boss-man, and gives him a chance to take his MGH. Heh, doesn't make any difference. The Japanese import is seriously out- classed this time! The boys in blue arrive and mop up. The heroes gather on a roof-top, then Spidey swings off, saying... "Well, if you ever need help... (and you know I mean this...) Call the X-Men! I have a hot wife at home. I so don't need to be here.

The dialog between Power Man and Iron Fist goes something like this... "

(IF) Does he have a hot wife?
(PM) I thought he was gay.
(IF) So did I.
(PM) And you wear little yellow booties.
(IF) They were a present.
(PM) From a guy.
(IF) I'm leaving.

Heh, Bendis. Cracks me up.

General Comments

This is all good stuff. Of course, when picking a rating for Daredevil, you have to judge it against the fact that nearly every damned issue of DD Vol. 2 has been freaking brilliant, and that everything Bendis has done for Marvel has been top notch.

Overall Rating

Let's call it four webs. If we gave five webs everytime DD or Bendis was excellent, things would get pretty monotonous.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)