Big Apple Con Convention Book (2009)


This is the convention book to the 2009 Big Apple Convention

Story 'Show Hours'

  Big Apple Con Convention Book (2009)
Summary: Spider-Man References (Fake Spider-Man appears)

This is a one-page story about two convention-goers (one in a Spidey costume), attending the convention.

General Comments

Two convention goers ("Spidey" and a guy in a rabbit costume) are attending the show. This is a "how to behave at the show, guide.

Overall Rating

Hilarious, it is a dead-on guide as to how many convention-attendees behave and not realizing that they are being rude and/or disrespectful.


This one-page behavior guide is not only funny, but should serve as a tip to not only fans as to how to behave, but to other conventions that a little bit of humor goes a long way, and certainly made this convention book more interesting than most.