Cable & Deadpool #24

 Title: Cable & Deadpool
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Stealth Jim (E-Mail)


Okay so basically, Cable's been giving Deadpool jobs to do. Cable has this thing/system/object (all very confusing) called a black box which basically lets him see all and know all via all kinds of media like T.V. and the net etc.

Story 'Sticky Situations'

The story starts with Deadpool in Fort Dix-- New Jersey. Deadpool's going on with his hilarious diaglogue while kicing the crap out of some soldiers. Through his ranting, he reveals that his job was ro steal a top secret research program with a minimum of nosie. He finally gets one soldier to talk about it, who tells him that a Daily Bugle reporter might be able to help him

Now we cut to Providence Island, Cable's Garden of Eden if you will. Nathan (Cable) and Irene Merrywheather are talking. Nate asks Irene to track down Deadpool in Manhatten and give him a message, it takes a long time to convince her, but turning the page we find her in Deadpool's apartment a few hours later. Its surprisingly clean... which surprises her of course.

That's when Deadpool appears, in a nice tux with all kinds of expensive foods. Irene asks in shock if he's hitting on her, his reply is "If I may--you're looking mighty fresh for a woman in her pre-menopausal years." Irene screams her heart out befroe we cut to the Daily Bugle.

Ken ellis is asking Robbie for a photographer for a Gotcha! shot. Robbie asigns Peter to him. That's when we find Pete in Jameson's room who is mouthing off at him like there's no tomorrow. Ken quickly grabs him before JJJ's head blows off.

Peter and Ken start driving over to Queensboro bridge, arguing all the way. But wait, what's that? Pete's Spider-sense starts to tingle! The door opens and Peter is thrown off of the bridge. "Dibs on shotgun!" Deadpool yells as he climbs into the car.

He then realises what he's done. "Oh crap, I might've killed him." he says to himself. Quickly nicknaming Ken "Kenny" as Ken reminds him of Barbies and he doesn't need distractions right now, Deadpool tries to reason with Ken, telling him that they had to pretend Peter was a world class olympic cliff- diver and so he thought Peter would survive.

He see Pete quickly suit up in mid air at this point. Back in the car, Deadpool and Ken are stopped by a huge web blocking their path. Deadpool is convinced its a huge spider until he climbs out of the car and is actually relieved to see Spider-man.

The two start to battle it away. Deadpool's making jokes left right and centre like "Okay, so when I got bitten by a radioactive spider all I got was a rash on my inner thigh like you wouldn't believe but that doesn't mean I can't do some fancy moves to!"

Spider-man isn't impressed though, he tells Deadpool that chicks don't dig him and kids don't wear Deadpool underoos. There's a quick cut to Cable who's on the phone to Irene, worried Deadpool'll hurt civillians, Cable tries to reasure her.

Back in the fight, Deadpool asks Spider-man how he can hit so hard seeing as spiders have never tossed knock out punches. Spidey smacks him to the ground. Noticing innocents, he grabs one. Spider-man urges him not to harm the woman, Deadpool responds telling him he didn't need to interfere. That's when Cable texts Ken's phone and tell him that Deadpool can help him on his lead.

Ken manages to stop the fight and tell Spidey he's working with Deadpool. Deadpool walks away, sulking. We then cut to Providence a few days later, where Cable reveals to Irene that the top secret project he had Deadpool go after was infact a device to cut off providence from the rest of the world. That's when he cut to a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, where Nick Fury gives... Captan America! the job of infiltrating providence.

General Comments

A meeting we've been waiting for years to see... and it was every bit as I imagined it. I'm a huge Deadpool fan and was basically going loco when I heard the two were going to meet. The issue as usual is hilarious. I especially like Deadpools trade mark forth wall breaking abilities where he accidentally reveals Peter's identity, but thankfully, no one takes notice.

This issue was a real gem. Maybe not so much a fight as a tussle, but hilarious all the way through, everyone, go out and buy Cable and Deadpool!

Overall Rating

What I've been waiting for for years... Fabien you lord of all, get on a Spider-man title while Slott takes another.

 Title: Cable & Deadpool
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Stealth Jim (E-Mail)