The World's Greatest Comics Quiz

 Posted: Aug 2021
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You kids today, you're spoilt!

You get giant colour hardback Marvel encyclopedias for $19.99. You get great Marvel movies by handful. And when it comes to trivia, you get electronic quiz game modules like Obsessed With Marvel.

When I was a lad, our Trivia came in black and white pocket paperbacks like this one.

And we considered ourselves lucky to HAVE THEM!

Story Details

  The World's Greatest Comics Quiz
Summary: Quiz questions on early newspaper strip characters (Spider-Man Appears)
Publisher: Tempo Books
Writer: Jerry Robinson

This book was published way back in 1978 by Tempo Books who were mostly famous for a bunch of Marvel puzzle books.

But they also put out this Comics Trivia Quiz paperback. It's written by Jerry Robinson who, apart from being the guy who created Batman's most iconic villain, was (supposedly) also a bit of an expert on comic books back then.

The book is 192 pages square bound. Color on the front cover, otherwise black and white in a cheap newsprint.

Spider-Man is featured on the cover. But once inside the pages, you'll be lucky to spot him half a dozen times. And the mentions are pretty lightweight. Not particularly challenging stuff.

  1. Could you pick Spider-Man's alter ego as "Peter Parker" from a multi-choice list?
  2. Can you recognise Spidey's weapon as "web-shooters" from a list including "Magic Surfboard" and "Power Ring"?

Yes. I think you could.

The rest of the book is more concerned with the classic newspaper strip stars like Dagwood, Sad Sack, and Terry and the Pirates. If you can name the boss of "Desmond" as being "Rip Kirby", then this book is for you!

General Comments

This isn't a book for Marvel Superhero fans.

In fact, it's not really a book for "comic book" fans at all. Despite claiming several chapters related to Superheroes, this is really a scruffy little homage to the black and white newspaper comic strips of the 1940's and 1950's.

Overall Rating

Jerry Robinson was born in 1922, and belongs to the generation before the Baby Boomers. This Quiz Book shows it.

This book is not attractive, not well-focused, and not at all relevant. The pictures are blocky, the layout is bland, and the writing lacks pizzazz. This is not even a "Good Comics Quiz", let alone "The World's Greatest."

One web.

 Posted: Aug 2021
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)