Klutz: Draw the Marvel Heroes (2nd Edition)

 Posted: Mar 2014
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When I first saw this "Klutz: Draw the Marvel Heroes" from 2007, I assumed it was simply a reprinting of the excellent original 1995 Klutz: Draw The Marvel Comics Super-Heroes.

But I wasn't quite right. It's more than just a reprint.

Story Details

  Klutz: Draw the Marvel Heroes (2nd Edition)
Summary: Updated from the 1995 Version (Spider-Man Appears)

The new book shares the same standard "Klutz" format as the original. It is 7" x 8.6", spiral bound, 96 pages. But from there, it gets better in every way.

Where the 1995 came with four felt pens and a wooden pencil, the 2007 version includes six felt pens, an automatic pencil and a high quality eraser.

Inside, every page has been re-thought, re-designed, and re-drawn. Sure, the book follows pretty much the same topics, but the layout and design has been modernised. In some cases the text and the lesson structure is essentially unchanged, but there are other pages where a significant rework has been made to the nature of the lesson flow and emphasis.

I've scanned a few of the old and new versions pages for you to compare and see which ones you prefer.

The new version has the same great mix of physical materials. There's the same clever use of transparent pages for layering information, and the same superb mix of pages to look at, pages to extend, and suitably-sized blank space for you to start your own journey into Super-Hero illustration.

General Comments

This book is a master-class in how to update an already-successful product. There's nothing lazy about the Klutz team. When they decide that a book needs an update, they don't mess around.

This re-release isn't just tinkering. And it wasn't just change for the sake of change. I think that nearly every page is an improvement. The book feels fresher, more dynamic, and even more interesting.

There's no shortage of "How to Draw Super-Heroes" books out there in the market — some good, and some completely useless. In either edition, the Klutz books are absolute stand-out examples of the best in the genre.

Overall Rating

I gave the original book a maximum 5-web rating, and this new 2007 edition is even better.

Another 5 Webs.

 Posted: Mar 2014
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)