All Access (Marvel/DC) #1

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mark Jenkins (E-Mail)


Remember when the Marvel and DC Universes merged creating the Amalgam Universe? Well, the two companies have taken the opportunity to create a new hero named Access. His mission: to ensure that the two universes remain seperate. His powers; the ability to go from place to place inside these two universes, and to take people or things from place to place if he is touching them.

Story Details

  All Access (Marvel/DC) #1
Summary: Spider-Man & Superman
Editor: Mike Carlin
Writer: Ron Marz
Pencils: Jackson Guice
Inker: Josef Rubinstein

Venom has somehow been transfered to the DC universe where he goes on a rampage. Access goes after him, because the instability of having Venom in the other universe could cause the Amalgam Universe to happen again. When he arrives, Venom is already fighting the hero known as Superman.

Since Superman certainly doesn't have the power to defeat Venom, Access goes back to the Marvel Universe to get the greater power that is Spider-man. Spider-man arrives just in time to save Superman. Spidey sends Access to get a sonic gun from Star Labs. Access uses the gun to defeat Venom, then he takes Spidey and Venom back to the Marvel universe and the balance between the two universes is set aright.

General Comments

I liked the concept of Access, if not the execution. However when Superman said that if Spider-man hadn't arrived when he did it would have been to late - I laughed aloud. Venom was about to kill Superman. The Hulk couldn't handle Supes, but Venom can?

As though this wasn't bad enough, Spider-man was able to hold his own with Venom, even though Superman couldn't. The writers seemed to have no concern with the power levels of the heroes, or their characterization. The art looked cartoony - and I mean this in a bad way. This issue was just unacceptable all the way around.

Overall Rating

Bad writing, bad art. I am generously awarding it one web.


Bobby Coakley says...

The reason Superman couldn't "handle" Venom in All Acess was because he's lost most of his powers. He can barely lift 2 tons. It was due to the sun almost going out in "Final Night." So the recent issues where he's on his honeymoon with Lois Lane show a very vulnerable but still heroic Clark Kent.

Aha! So DC finally figured that heroes with too much power aren't interesting. Ain't that part of the reason why Spider-Man was so successful early on? Nice to see it only took them 30 years to catch on!

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mark Jenkins (E-Mail)