2099 Unlimited #4


We have a special treat this time around. There’s no official Spider-Man 2099 story in this issue, but he does have a one-panel cameo and that’s good enough for me.

Story 'Lachryma 2099'

  2099 Unlimited #4
Summary: Spider-Man 2099 cameo
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Writer: Ian Edgington
Pencils: David Klein
Inker: David Klein

I’m told Lachryma means The Crying One. So what does this lady have to cry about? Let’s find out…

During her “warm life” she was Becka McBride, a lawyer in the 21st century. Most unusual for her profession, she fought on the side of the little guy against the mega-corps that rule the country. After winning a landmark case, however, the mega-corps decide to get even by wiping out her entire firm in one day. We’re then treated to various scenes of apartment buildings exploding and snipers shooting down cars.

After all that mayhem, Becka herself is kidnapped by a gang of toughs and taken to a run down section of town to be executed. She tries to get away, but in the end she’s gunned down in cold blood. But a vampire nun, Sister Lucia, happened to witness the murder and decides to take out the entire crew with a few deft slices.

Sister Lucia then gives the dying Becka the “red kiss”, thus turning her into a vampire. Her mysterious benefactor then teaches her how to survive as one of the newly undead. Sister Lucia also tells her stories about heroes and villains of yore, as well as the new crop of rebels that have begun to appear in 2099 (this is where the Spider-Man cameo shows up).

Then comes the bit where Becka shows off her new powers. She can grow razor sharp claws, as well as morph into a bat. She’s invisible to cameras, but can be tracked by motion detectors. She can feed off her victims, but doesn’t need to kill them. Pretty much the usual vampire stuff.

Anyway, she then takes the name of Lachryma and decides to continue her fight against the mega-corps. Which apparently includes dressing up in ripped jeans, wearing a black halter top and an open leather jacket.

General Comments

It’s short, and only an origin story, but it has all the hallmarks for an interesting character. Unfortunately, this is Lachryma’s first and only appearance.

Overall Rating

Vampires have been going in and out of style ever since Dracula was first published (and probably long before that). Lachryma showed up a little too late for the whole Anne Rice crowd, and too early for Twilight fans.


Elsewhere in this issue, the Hulk is having his own tie-in with the “Fall of the Hammer” storyline that was the first company-wide crossover for the 2099 imprint. In addition to the first appearance and origin of Lachryma we are introduced to another new 2099 character – Metalscream. He’s sort of a high tech Dr. Strange, and in my opinion one of the better spin-off characters of the line.