Spidey Super Stories (Record)

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This record features eight voice stories, all taken from episodes of "The Electric Company" and voiced by the original TEC cast. Of course, Spider-Man was played by Danny Segren in the TV show, but he never actually spoke! Here he does have a voice, given by Jim Boyd. That means that there must have been some shuffling around so that others now cover any characters that Jim might have played in the original clips.

Story Details

Each story is introduced by a quick burst of Spidey from "The Electric Company", and then goes into the story, with suitable sound effects. The plots are fantastic as ever...

Narrator: Spider-Man meets the meanest menace of all. Spidey vs. Mister Measles! In his little room next to the pickle factory, the evil Mr. Measles is planning to rule the world!

Mister Measles: (Evil Laugh) Yes, I'm finally going to do it! I have a million measle spots in this bag. I'll throw these spots at people and they'll get the measles! Then everybody will have to stay in bed in the dark where they can't read. By the time they get better I'll finally rule the world!

The full story list is:

  1. [Side A] The Purple Pirates and Evil McWeevil
  2. Spidey Meets The Jester
  3. Spidey vs. Mister Measles
  4. Spiderman is Born
  5. Spidey and The Queen Bee
  6. [Side B] Deadly Is The Doctor Called Doom
  7. Spidey and The Mole Man
  8. Spidey and The Sandman


  • Luis Avalos: The Samdmnan; Dr. Doom; Evil McWeevil; J. Jonah Jamison; Pedro
  • Jim Boyd: Spidey/Peter Parker
  • Morgan Freeman: Narrator
  • Judy Graubart: Queen Bee; Aunt May
  • Skip Hinnant: Fargo North; Decorder; The Moleman; Mr. Measles; The Jester
  • Rejean Magloire: Samantha

General Comments

This is ludicrous nonsense! I have no idea what kind of acid those guys were dropping, but it must have been good stuff. Most of the stories are surreal when they're not completely inane.

Even the "Spiderman is Born" story, which starts off as a relatively sane version of the standard origin story, but then... "A heavy safe is being hauled into a building, but then the rope snaps!" Heh, never fails, move a heavy safe and the rope always snaps and lets it fall onto the people walking below!

Ahh, this is staggeringly daft, and absolutely delicious! Imagine your favorite Electric Company clips, faithfully dubbed. Yummm!

Overall Rating

Queen Bee: Spidey! You've bugged me for the last time! Bee-keeper, get "Fang" for me, my poison bee! Muahahahah!

Four and a half webs. It doesn't get much better than this!


Note the spelling errors present on the disk, Spiderman without a hyphen, and Jameson's name spelt incorrectly.

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)