The Electric Company: Spider-Man Theme Tune


Back in the 70's, TV Show "The Electric Company" featured a Spider-Man Segment, which is fondly remembered by all of those old enough to recall the show. Of course, you can buy "Best of The Electric Company" on DVD now.

The original theme song for the Spidey segment was written by Gary William Friedman, and in 1975 he also created this extended dance version, which the kind folks at 150 Music have finally released on CD.

Story Details

What part of Funky are you having trouble with?

If you love Shaft, The A-Team, and anything which contains the words Groovy, Funky, and/or Disco - then this belongs in your collection. This extended mix starts with the short vocal segment featured on the show, then kicks into an extended instrumental with funky bass and drums with scooting rhythm guitar.

Finally, vocalist Will Power returns for a bit of crazy scat before the fade-out. Awesome!

General Comments

This is just too cool for words. The seventies are reborn, and they're as crazy cool as ever, baby. Head over to Amazon and grab a copy of this groovy little mama - it rocks like nothing since the Brother's Gibb were riding high!

Overall Rating

Top-shelf stuff, pussy-cat. Groovy to the max! Five webs!


Just in case you were wondering, yes the vocalist's name "Will Power" is indeed a pseudonym for Gary William