The Ballad of Superior Spider-Man

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 Posted: May 2014

(Sung to the tune of the Spider-Man 1967 cartoon theme.)

Spider-Ock! Spider-Ock!
Villain nerd turned hero jock!
Switched his brain just in time;
Lost his appetite for crime.
Look out! Here comes the Spider-Ock.

Is he tough? Listen, chum!
He killed Massacre with a gun.
Wiped Ghost Peter, now he's free
Got a girlfriend and degree.
Hey there - there goes the Spider-Ock!

He blackmails the mayor
and he dumps Mary Jane.
He's got his own lair,
And his own Living Brain.

Spider-Ock! Spider-Ock!
Superior sociopath Spider-Ock!
So convinced he's the best,
But all his friends think he's a pest.

But there's
One foe that he can't get through…
Amazing Spider-Man 2.
There goes the Spider-Ock!

 In: Rave > 2014
 Posted: May 2014