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Before I begin, I'd like to take a moment to explain something. I am going to do something that I don't normally do, which is to re-post something that I posted elsewhere (in this instance, on my personal blog). The reason for this is that I've been reading Spider-Man since Amazing Fantasy #15 and I have better than 90% of all first-run U.S.-published issues in my collection (the break is in the late '90s/early 2000), plus (like many of us here at SpiderFan) I have actually worked professionally in the comics industry, and I believe that gives me the right to sound off about something that seriously sends me 'round the twist.

I hate the One More Day/Brand New Day storyline, and here is why...

I have a new rant that I want to lay down on you all, and as you can see, it is about the latest crap being foisted on us by Marvel in the absence of any real story content. Yes, I mean One More Day. As you all know, this is a retcon (or retroactive continuity implant) that is being gengeneered by Marvel, or — more specifically — by Joe Quesada who has long held that Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane Watson was a mistake.

All of which is fine, but instead of simply having the two of them break up, separate, or get divorced (some of these storylines have already been explored in the series), he had Mephisto — Marvel's literary substitute for Satan — neither of which are Spidey villains) pop in to "trade Peter's marriage" for the life of May Parker. That's right, he had Peter cut a Faustian deal with the Devil.

OK, let's ignore for a minute that utilizing Mephisto as a (if you'll pardon the expression) Deus ex Machina to "fix" a problem that only Joe Q seems to have is a not only a huge conceit on Quasada's part, but something that comes out of nowhere for the character and fans (especially the utilization of a non-cannon character to manipulate the events). Let us also ignore that cutting a deal with "the Prince of Lies" is, well, stupid beyond belief.

Yeah, yeah, I know that Peter was desperate because the bullet that put May in a coma was meant for him, and yea, it was because he (wrongly) sided with Tony Stark during the Civil War Event, and then stupidly revealed his identity to the world before switching sides and taking up with Captain America. (All of which was manipulated, but again let's ignore all of that.) Let's talk about the fact that this ending (the use of Mephisto) was considered and then dismissed as unbelievable as a possible ending for The Clone Saga.


Joe Q. has stated that the only thing that The Mephisto Deal has effected is the actual marriage of Pete and MJ. He has indicated that they have spent the past several years together as live-in lovers, but never actually got married, OK, that's all well and good, but then why, at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #545 did the long dead Harry Osborne show up? Does this mean he never died? Did he ever marry and have little Normie? Are there any other inconsistencies in previously-established Spider-continuity? At this point, we don't know.


What we do know is that this is a seminal and earth-shaking an event as the death of Gwen Stacy The one important difference is that the Death of Gwen moved the series forward, this moves it backwards, and we are all the poorer because of it.

My suggestion is that you read the book and make your own decision and write to Joe and Marvel (as well as post on whatever blogs and board to which you regularly post) and let them know what you think.

If you haven't as of yet patched into what I think, here it is. I think that One More Day is a bone-headed, badly conceived, poorly-executed, sloppily written act of self-indulgent, intellectual masturbation that disrespects us fans, the pros who have been writing Spider-Man for the past couple or three decades, and is the ultimate form of cop-out that loudly proclaims to the world that not only has Marvel run out of ideas, but that it's writers and editors really can't write themselves out of a paper bag.

It is a really bad idea that is so bad it really isn't an idea as much as it is the admission that no one has an Idea, and anyone that actually does, simply isn't to be tolerated, and will be asked to leave the room.

This entire dirty episode is such a reflection of what is going on culturally and politically in this country that it is an effin shame. Still, that topic is the subject of an entirely separate rant. For now I'm done, and will move on to other topics for a bit.

I thank you all for your indulgence, and respectfully ask that you leave comments expressing your own views, observations, and concerns. Personally, I'm going to have a strong drink, shake the dust off my dry bones, and hope I live long enough to see this contemptible mockery be put to rest and Spider-Man be reverted to his former glory.

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