And Thus... The Ultimate Clone Saga

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 Posted: 2007
 Fan: Merv Johnson

Well, Bendis's clone saga started out brisk and nice, then hit us with a nice blonde surprise called Clone Gwen Stacy, then it got really confusing, then it got more confusing, then it had had a nice conclusion and a thought-worthy cliffhanger.

First off, let me say that at some points, it seemed like Bendis wrote this saga by vomiting up alphabet soup while having a seizure, then used the resulting mess on the floor as the base for his script. Throw in a naked Gwen Stacy and MJ and then send it off to Marvel.

Second off, I know I've given Bendis a lot of trouble, but let me give a moment to thank him. He FINALLY gave us the butt-kicking final fight I've been craving! It made me so happy to see battle-torn Peter drag Ock's unconscious middle-aged body to Fury. It was a clear victory even with the slight taint of defeat Bendis seems to love. Thank you, Bendis, for finally letting Peter kick some well deserving rump.

Speaking of Doc Ock... Third off, why did Doc Ock pull a Magneto? What was THAT?! When I first saw Doc Ock's morphing tentacles, with their flamethrowers and hammers, I just figured it was some sort of liquid memory metal, which would have been really cool. Now I'm learning that he's a Magneto rip-off? He could've easily built a spare set of arms on the side, under the FBI's nose, and mentally summoned them to the fight. That would have been much more believable. They could still have looked half-baked and make-shift because they were in mid-build, so Bagley would still have had to draw roughly the same kind of arms. Then again... With real arms, there would have been no cool whirlwind of metal. But still! Doc Ock is not Magneto!

Fourth off... So... Spider-Woman (Spider-Girl?) has all of boy-Peter's memories, but in a conveniently hot girl-body? I don't even see any resemblance between them except the same hair color. And how'd she manage to shoot webbing from her fingertips? Where'd she get that costume? And does she have a crush on Mary Jane? ... I wont even go there... Yet.

Fifth off... Gwen Stacy is back! Sorta. Honestly, I'd gladly pay the price of her being Carnage if it meant her character was back. I miss Gwen, and having her wrestle an evil monster-side might just add even more depth to her character. Please, Bendis, don't take Gwen Stacy twice. You had a moment of brilliance when you made the street-tough version of Stacy we all have grown to know and love. Keep her.

Now then... With all that settled... Here's what I'm hoping what will happen next. Probably wont happen, but I'd like it if it would.

Now that Peter has the choice if he wants to be Spider-Man, he's gonna have some thinking to do. Don't wrap it up in one issue. Spread his thinking and decision-making over the remaining of your issues. Then, have him finally decide to be Spidey at issue #110 (Bendis's LAST issue). It'll be a nice way to wrap up Bendis's run on Ultimate Spider-Man.

Although... If Peter did choose not to be Spider-Man, he'd have Fury and everyone off his back once and for all. Ultimate Spider-Man would be canceled about six issues after that.

Keep Gwen Stacy, like I said. Even if she has to constantly wrestle with whether or not she's a monster. And get her out of Fury's custody soon. Heck, I'd even settle for her somehow managing to control Carnage and becoming something of a hero herself once in a while. Just to keep Gwen around.

And never ever ever ever make Spider-Man go on the news, unmask, and say "My name is Peter Parker and I've been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old."

Hey... Seven years of Ultimate Spider-Man... Has Peter ever had a birthday?!

That should just about take care of everything and leave plenty of creative room open for whoever takes Bendis's place next.

Of course... None of that will probably happen, and for all I know, on issue #111 we'll be reading about the incredible Die Spinne.

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 Posted: 2007
 Fan: Merv Johnson