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 Posted: 2006
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Hey, I know few other people are fans of Spidey coming out and open with it. And I guess when you're hanging around all those other heros even Jamison can't really pin you as a villian. But the majority of fans hate it. But here's my question...

What happened to protecting family and friends? What about his own life?

In a recent issue (where he was fighting Scarecrow - yeah, appearntly he has a Scarecrow too) he laments at all the villians who have come out of the woodwork to challange him as Peter Parker. He even recalls expressing that concern to Tony Stark, who dismisses it and says that it's not like every villian he's ever faced will come after him.

But that's exactly what's happening.

And MJ is upset at being under house-arrest. And when she is out in public, people either will or already treating her differently. As if people are thinking to themselves, "If I don't give Mary Jane the lead role, Spider-Man may be mad. And what if I get attacked by a supervillian? Hey! Maybe I can get on Spidey's good side by kissing up to her."

And how about Peter having to give up teaching? He'll hardly ever be able to do something as mundane as rent a movie or buy a hotdog without being heckled or possibly even attacked.

Spider-Man was one of the last great heros of the Marvel Universe to keep his secret idenity. Peter Parker is what we related too. A simple little guy trying to do good things. Now Peter Parker is another celebrity, and the only people who will relate to him are celebrities themselves.

Now I realize that a comic must elvolve to a certain degree as time goes on. And I'm sure there was lots of fuss when Gwen Stacy died too. But lately all the things that make Spidey who he is has been castrated. Yeah, I said it.

He's no longer an average guy like the rest of us. His powers are no longer an accident, proving that it coudln't happen to any one of us. He's now a lapdog of the Government. The famous Forest Hills home has been burnt down. Gwen Stacy had twins with Norman Osborn. He talks to spiders. His webbing is organic. And his new suit might as well have an MP3 function.

(Little side note: I actually think his new suit is cool. I only mention it because it is a recent change to Spider-Man's world.)

If you wanted Spidey to evolve, then we should'a seen new ways he keeps his secret idenity and manage the life of a superhero.

And the worst part is how hard all this might be to fix. They pulled the stunt where Peter claims that he was just taking the heat for the real Spider-man for a little bit already. Besides, Peter's already used his powers in public. The only solution I can see is to have some kind of universal reset, as has been known to happen every so often in DC comics. They just finished one called Infinite Crisis. Now DC manages to keep thier characters up to date without changing what makes those characters special.

I don't know about you... But I'm gonna go blow the dust off my old Spidey-Comics and read about the good ol' days. I have a strange urge to re-read the story about Fusion.

 In: Rave > 2006
 Posted: 2006
 Fan: Merv Johnson