Spider-Man vs. Cap

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 Posted: 2006
 Fan: Frantz Kenol

You want a rave! I'll give you a rave!

It's driving me crazy what Marvel is doing to Spider-man. I just read the latest Amazing Spider-Man where he faces Cap, and I'm just going out of my mind. Marvel seems Hell bent on ruining Spider-Man and making him into a third rate hero.

The fact is that Spider-Man is Marvel's flagship hero. He is to Marvel what Superman is to DC. He is the best there is at what he does. The premier Marvel superhero (not the strongest or most powerfull) just the best.

So why is it that marvel insists on treating him like the new kid on the block who doesn't belongs with the "big boys". It's driving me insane.

First they had him scared to death of PEOPLE WITH GUNS in his first face off against Wolverine. Never mind that he was scared of Wolverine (when in fact Spider-Man considered Wolverine a "joke").

Then they had Wolverine humiliate him by stabbing him in the chest and basically establishing that he is NOTHING to Wolverine.

Then they put him in the Avengers only to have him be the weak link who DOES NOTHING. He is the one needing rescuing.

Then they give him a new costume with supposed enhanced powers (which is stupid because they never maximized his powers in the first place).

And Now they have Captain America treating him like he is no competition. Spider-Man had to go through his suit in order to even think of facing Cap.


Spider-man lifts 10 tons,..TEN TONS.

That means Spider-Man is stronger than Wolverine and Cap than Hulk is to Spider-Man. Spider-man is stronger than LUKE Cage for crying out loud.

In addition to that he has the reflexes and speed of a spider which makes him more than TWICE as fast as Cap and Wolverine.

Plus he is one of the most experienced warriors in the Marvel Universe as he's faced off pretty much against everyone.

Not to mention that his Spider-sense warns him of danger.

Oh and the webs.

Given those powers, Cap, Wolverine or any normal human level hero would not stand a chance against him. Much the same way HE would not stand a chance against the likes of Thor and Silver Surfer.

What is Marvel doing?

They are ruining this great character, and I'm sick of it. With the combination of his unique powers, Spider-Man is one of the most powerfull beings on earth. His speed, combined with his strength, combined with his skill, combined with his SPIDER SENSE, makes him almost impossible to beat except by the most powerfull.

I'm sick of this.

In the old days Spider-Manstruggled against the like of Daredevil at times granted, but in those battles it was made clear that Daredevil was out of his league, and that Spider-Man was much stronger and more powerfull than him.

Now they have Spider-Man punching away at Wolverine like a child hitting a adult, with Wolverine saying "cut it out". WHAT?

Spider-Man could punch Wolverine clean througn the floor.

Anyway, sorry for the rent,..I'm just way pissed.

This is it for me,.. No more Marvel for me. They can go to hell.

 In: Rave > 2006
 Posted: 2006
 Fan: Frantz Kenol