"...And Together" by Spirit Creek

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 Posted: 2001
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)

Doug Schoeneck, front man and songwriter for the up and coming band Spirit Creek wrote to Spiderfan.org to tell us about a song they recently recorded entitled "...and Together".

To the non-Spiderphile, this would appear to be a song about someone who has undergone a profound change in his or her life and recognizes the challenge ahead to do what's right. However, the song has added depth to we True Believers... that's right, this is a song about Peter Parker!

Doug himself is a serious Spider-Man fan. If you go to his SpiritCreek.net, you'll see his arm bears a tattoo from McFarlane's Spider-Man #1!

Hey Mr. Raimi! If you're reading this, wouldn't it be great to have "...and Together" on the Spider-Man soundtrack from an artist with a genuine love of Stan Lee/Steve Ditko's creation?

SpiderFan: How would you describe your band? How long have you been together?

Doug Schoeneck: I would describe the band as an emotional rock band that has melodic melodies and real thoughts through the lyrics. The Band has been together and very serious for over five years now.

SpiderFan: How long have you been a Spider-Man fan? What are your favorite stories?

Doug Schoeneck: I have been reading and a fan for almost twenty years. God, great question, there are so many.. first appearance of the Green Goblin, of course Amazing Fantacy 15, the introduction of Venom(Eddie Brock). Electro was always my fav as a kid(and probably still is). there are sooo many.Gwen Stacy's death (I was young...I cried). I loved the Scarlet Spider...Not when they said he was the "real Spider-Man" but the story and I liked the fact Spider-Man kinda had a brother. I was sad when they killed him. But my all time fav was probably the intro of Carnage(C.C.)and the Maximum Carnage series.

SpiderFan: Are the others in the band into Spider-Man too?

Doug Schoeneck: They like Spider-Man but not like I do.

SpiderFan: Was there a certain issue or event in Spider-Man's life that inspired your song "... and Together" ?

Doug Schoeneck: Amazing Fantacy #15 is the main inspiration...but I wanted to take a feel that described Spider-Man's whole life and has constant struggle between right and wrong.

SpiderFan: Do you have any plans for more Spider-Man inspired songs?

Doug Schoeneck: I would love to do a Spider-Man album about different events past, present, and future, but we will see how people respond to "...and Together". Again I love Spider-Man - any thing is possible with him as far as I am concerned.

Hearing the song, I couldn't help but be reminded of "Peter Stays and Spider-Man Goes" from the 70's album Spider-Man: Reflections of a Super-Hero. Both songs are novel in taking a musical examination of Peter Parker. However this time, the music is geared for 2001 with soulful alternative rock!

Both songs probe Peter Parker's psyche for his inner struggles, the aspect of Spider-Man comics I find most appealing. But while the music of Rock Reflections is at times corny, kitchy, and silly, Spirit Creek is serious and introspective. To me, the opening chords have a sound that just scream "Spider-Man". Listening to the song, I have a whole music video playing in my head comprised of various Spider-Man origin issues.

I hope Doug and the band continues to make more Spider-Music!

[Editor's Note: Doug and the guys are currently talking with Sony in an effort to get "...and Together" onto the Spider-Man movie soundtrack. Why not download the song, and if you like it, drop Sony a line and tell them.]

 In: Rave > 2001
 Posted: 2001
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)