Stan is Dead

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Mark started it:

Hey, speaking of Stan Lee... is he dead? A few months ago, my aunt told me she'd heard that someone involved with Spider-Man died. The only other guy I could think of was Ditko; is *he* still alive? I know I'm a little out of it, since I haven't read an issue of any Spider-title in the longest time, but I'm sure I would've heard about Lee or Ditko dying (if not from the news, then certainly from you guys).

Al played along:

I remember an issue of Comics Reader, or some other comic-related 'zine back in the late 70s or early 80s which had a big picture of Stan on the cover with the legend, "Stan Lee: RIP". Writen in very small letters at the bottom of the page, it said "April Fools!" But, you don't suppose...?

Noc mentioned Paul:

Hey guys, I realize I'm only 20 and didn't get to live through the whole debacle, but doesn't this ring pretty closely with the "Paul is dead" shenanigan that bugged the Beatles way back when?

Methinks we should start looking for clues Stan might have left us with his sudden "departure," don't you?

Mike fueled the fire:

Y'know, when I played my Spider-Man Rockomic record backwards, it says "Stan is dead. Marvel killed him." and on the inside of the record's jacket, there's a picture of Stan Lee walking across a street without shoes on and a patch on his sleeve saying "DOOM" instead of "FOOM" (Friends of ol' Marvel)! Spread the rumors! Stan is Dead! Some guy is just impersonating him! The real Stan Lee would NEVER word for his Distinguished Competitor or start his own Non-Marvel line of comics!

Noc didn't know when to stop:

Hmmmm...Sgt. Spidey's Lonely Web-Spinners Band? Hmmmm...

Mike went way to far:

I heard the news today, oh boy. Stan Lee bought the farm. He blew his mind out in a car. Strawberry fields of Marvel Comics forever! Issue #9... Issue #9... Issue #9... Issue #9... I buried Gwen...

Jonathan stopped it, before somebody got seriously hurt:

The Stan Lee family trust has denied this, and says that there is no conclusive evidence that Stan is dead. I think that settles the matter, guys! Move along, nothing to see here.

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 Posted: 2000
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