Mouth-Peekers Extraordinaire!

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 Posted: 1998
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So, you want to be a villain? OK, assuming you already have some sort of generic super-power and a rampant social problem, what's next? Why of course... a costumed identity! So what's it going to be? How about...

Manic Man! and his Lethal Legion of Llamas!
The villainous duo of Odd-Socks Man and Pre-Menstrual Woman!
'Never Writes to his Grandmother' Boy!
Capital Expenditure! with Slush-Fund, his Sycophantic Sidekick!

Nah! Let's face it - for real impact, there's only serious option. You've got to go Animal. Doesn't matter if it's The Savage Panda, Sloth Boy, or Boris, the Living Basenji - you can't beat a good animal identity. Fish, bird, mammal, or reptile, there's nothing like it.

Final question - is that going to look silly enough? Walking around robbing banks dressed like a Grizzly bear? Almost silly enough - but not quite! The final coup de grace is... you have to perform your crimes while peeking out of the animal's mouth!

Famous Mouth-Peeking Spider-man foes include...

  1. Rhino
  2. The Grizzly
  3. Razorback (not actually a villain, but that's OK)
  4. The White Dragon
  5. Frogman
  6. The Serpent Society (including mouth-peekers Cottonmouth and Puffadder)

Hey, can anybody out there name any more mouth-peeking Spider-man villains? Maybe there's a top 10 list in the making.

 In: Rave > 1998
 Posted: 1998
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)