Whatever's The Matter With Mary-Jane?

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David Hutchinson tells me that the Powers-That-Be at Marvel have their eye on more than just a title or two. Apparently, they intend to separate or divorce Peter and MJ. In fact, he says that in May, Mary-Jane is due to disappear from the Spider-Titles for ever.

I haven't heard this confirmed, but David is organising a petition to Marvel.

[Ed - Email address removed in 2004]

Personally? First of all, I can't see it being permanent. Secondly, I would hate to see the end of Mary-Jane - but I sure couldn't blame her if she went. As the only non-super-hero wife of a super-hero that I can think of, she has acted above and beyond the call of duty by staying as long as she has. Let's see...

Disadvantages of being married to Spider-Man

  1. Perpetual fear for his life.
  2. Perpetual fear for your own life.
  3. Living in poverty.
  4. Living in loneliness.
  5. Losing your only child.
  6. Living to a man who can't keep a promise.

Advantages of being married to Spider-Man

  1. ...help me here folks, there has to be one! Surely?

Even if Marvel are thinking of getting rid of the second most important character in the Spider-verse, you'd have to say they have every excuse in the sane world for doing it!

Umm... But I still hope they don't dump MJ. Okay?

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 Posted: 1998
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