Peter or Ben?

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 Posted: 1996
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There's been some debate on Bert's Listserver recently about who should wear the webs - Peter or Ben? Well, Sandman organised a poll, which ran on this page for a month or so. He received well over 1000 votes. The results?

Who should be Spider-Man?
 Peter (964)
 Ben (288)
 Neutral (60).

If you want Peter as Spider-Man, should Ben Live?
 Ben Dies (404)
 Ben Lives (560)

If you want Ben as Spider-Man, should Peter Live?
 Peter Dies (39)
 Peter Lives (249)

So, in summary:

  1. Peter is preferred as SM 70/30
  2. Ben should live, 60/40.
 In: Rave > 1996
 Posted: 1996
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)