New McDonald's Spidey Happy Meal Toys

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 Posted: 2009

That's right kids, there is a new set (of eight) Spidey toys that are currently available from McDonald's (March '09):

The toys are:

1: Suction Cup Spidey (Red & Blue)

2: Doctor Octopus (suction cup)

3: Spider-Man Swing (Black costume)

4: Venom (water squirter)

5: Spider-Man Launcher (Red & Blue)

6: The Green Goblin (rolling)

7: Crawling Spider-Man (Black costume)

8: Sandman (launcher)

People who log onto the McDonald's site and go to the Happy Meal section will be able to download a coloring page, screen-saver, IM Icons, and wallpaper.

These toys are based on the Spectacular Spider-Man Animated TV Series, featuring the most recent incarnation of Spidey's cartoon TV adventures.

 In: News > 2009
 Posted: 2009